Mavs’ Chriss Follows Suns’ Biyombo Into Tunnel After Game 5 Ejections

Dallas forward Marquese Chriss pursued Phoenix center Bismack Biyombo off the floor and into the Suns’ home tunnel after the two players were ejected late in Phoenix’s 110–80 win on Tuesday night.

With 2.3 seconds remaining and the Suns leading by 28, Chriss fouled Biyombo on a lob play. The veteran center challenged Chriss, who shoved his arm away, frustrated at the foul. Referee David Guthrie called each player for a technical infraction and removed them from the game.

The incident escalated after Biyombo exited the court and entered the right tunnel, which led to the Suns’ home locker room. Chriss then entered the same tunnel, even though he intended to emerge on the opposite side of the court. After spending the first two seasons of his career in Phoenix from 2016 to 2018, the Mavericks forward couldn’t plead ignorance for choosing the incorrect tunnel.

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