Meera Opens Up About Her Fights with Mahira & Reema

Meera is a very famous Pakistani film and television actress. She has been working in the industry for many years. Fans admire the acting skills and confidence of top actor Meera. Fans also express their love for her bold and blunt personality. Meera is also considered as the queen of hearts. Meera has mastered the art of being in the spotlight for extended periods of time by appearing on screen.

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Meera talks about her quarrels with Mahira & Reema

Recently, Meera appeared in Super Over With Ahmed Ali But where she opened up about her breakups with Mahira Khan and Reema Khan. She said: “I always think good for everyone, even if it’s Mahira or Reema, we may disagree, but we don’t hold a personal grudge against each other, all these fights and breakups are for the public, they have a lot of time to talk about speculating us, the social media users have a lot of time for trolls & bad comments about celebrities, which we don’t like, yes, if you are talking about work then I have no friends”. Here is the link to the video:

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Meera talks about her quarrels with Mahira & Reema
Meera talks about her quarrels with Mahira & Reema