Mehwish Hayat instigates public with her recent video

Well, Mehwish Hayat is constantly in hot water for some reasons. Her social media posts always get a lot of attention and people start criticizing her immediately. The same scene was created when Mehwish Hayat posted a lip-sync video on her Instagram. Well, this is the most famous dialogue from Wednesday’s Addams.

Mehwish Hayat lip syncs this famous dialogue and can definitely relate to these lines. He says I act like I don’t care what people say about me, but deep down I secretly enjoy it. Well, this situation is at the moment of Mehwish Hayat. People react to her because she unnecessarily drags herself into the Others’ issues and she certainly pretends that she has nothing to do with what people say about it and deep down she enjoys it.

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Mehwish Hayat is stirring up the audience with her recent video

Mehwish is seen wearing this hot black dress and her expressions literally say it all. As expected, people are very furious with her video. She is being called bad names and this video is doing the rounds on various social media platforms. People are calling her a shameless woman and some are teasing her by referring to the latest issue of Bajwa Sahab.

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Mehwish Hayat is stirring up the audience with her recent video

So, it’s really so annoying to see that when you know you’re going to get trolled or backlash for certain things, then why do you prefer to share these kinds of videos?

Here we share the video. Look!

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