Mera Baap Teri Mausi Digimovieplex Web Series Watch Online 2022

Mera Baap Teri Mausi

In this article, I’ll go over the Mera Baap Teri Mausi Digimovieplex web series cast, actress, actor, roles, story, wiki, all episodes, release date, how to watch online free, Review, and a lot more.

The upcoming web series Mera Baap Teri Mausi was released today on the Digimovieplex app by the well-known OTT platform Digimovieplex. This web series’ genres are fantasy, drama, and romance. The Digimovieplex app currently releases web series once a week. Everyone on the planet enjoys the Digimovieplex web series.

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Mera Baap Teri Mausi Web Series

This is the story of an older man whose wife died long ago. He has no idea how to satisfy his Lovingual desire. After a while, he begins masturbating after witnessing his daughter-in-law and son having Loving.

After seeing his daughter-in-law, the older man’s desire grows so strong that he begins masturbating. One day, their son and daughter-in-law noticed them doing this. She informs her husband that she has solved his father’s problem. She dials one of her aunty’s phone numbers. Watch Digimovieplex’s new web series Mera Baap Teri Mausi to discover what happens next.

The Digimovieplex app has recently provided its subscribers with back-to-back top-tier web series. The Digimovieplex app allows you to watch all episodes of this web series online. But one thing is sure: the Digimovieplex app is not free. To watch web series, you must purchase a subscription. The Digimovieplex app subscription costs $89 per month and $319 per year.

You can watch any web series released on the Digimovieplex app if you purchase a Digimovieplex app subscription. This web series was quickly released on the Digimovieplex app. The release date for this web series is listed below.


  • Mishti Basu (Bahu).
  • Rajsi Verma (Aunty).
  • Jaid Ahmad Khan.
  • Tarakesh Chauhan.

Release Date

Mera Baap Teri Mausi will be available exclusively on the Digimovieplex app on July 22, 2022. There are two episodes in this web series. Each episode lasts 15-30 minutes. Mera Baap Teri Mausi was made available in Hindi.

We cannot write a review for the Mera Baap Teri Mausi web series because it has not yet been released. We will update this article’s Review of the web series once it has been removed. So keep an eye out.

Mera Baap Teri Mausi Web Series Wiki

Name Mera Baap Teri Mausi (61-62)
Genre Drama, Romance, Fantasy
OTT Platform Digimovieplex App
Language Hindi
Release date 22 July 2022
Main Cast Rajsi Verma, Mishti Basu
Season 1
Number of episodes 2
Episode Runtime 25 Minutes
Director SSK