Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 103 Release Date, Where To Read It

People who like to read manga and webcomics wonder when Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 103 will come out. Fans are curious about what will happen next because the last chapter left them with many questions. So, here is a separate guide for everyone.

This article will discuss everything there is to know about when Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 103 comes out. Here, we’ll also tell you how to read this series online in different countries, the story, and much more. So, without further ado, we invite you to learn about all these things.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 103 Release Date

You Ijin will be at the center of the story. He is about ten years old and is a tall boy with grey hair. When he was young, he was the only person who lived through a plane crash. After 10 years of working as a mercenary, he gives back to his family in his hometown. Major Kang Hamchan, his team, and a doctor came to his aid during the mission to save him. Kang Hamchan told them about Ijin’s family and let him go.

Major Kang gave Ijin six months of exposure to help him get used to life in the real world. His parents also died in this plane crash, so he now lives in Seoul with his grandfather and sister.

After that, he started going to Shinan High School. When he’s not there, he works with his classmate Koh Sukjoo as a bodyguard for the SW Group’s security team. When you start reading this story, it will get more interesting, and see Ijin’s struggle. All the fans are waiting for Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 103 to come out because they have read all the other chapters.

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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 103 Release Date

Here is the last paragraph before we tell you when Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 103 will come out. On September 24, 2022, chapter 103 of this series will come out. You will have to wait until the given date to read this chapter. Soon, you won’t have to wait any longer, so write down the date.

Where to read Mercenary Enrollment?

You can find this series on the official Webtoon site if you want to read it. There are also many manga series websites where you can read this, but we always tell our readers only to use the official platform or source. You can go back and read all the chapters you’ve missed so far.

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