Mike McCarthy’s job speculation ‘comical’

Dak Prescott thinks questions about Mike McCarthy’s job are “ridiculous.”

The Cowboys quarterback spoke to reporters Friday before the team traveled to Tampa to play Tom Brady and the Buccaneers on Monday night and defended his coach’s performance.

“It’s comical in a way,” Prescott said, as covered by Todd Archer of ESPN. “First of all, what a back to back 12 wins [seasons] in all will you tell me how long and talk about a man’s job in danger? That shows you when you play for this organization what’s involved and that’s why it’s important to create those walls around us, create that safe place in our locker room and understand that what matters is the men who go out there and get between the lines and put in the work all week to come out and win.”

Dak Prescott said it’s “comical” that Mike McCarthy’s job could be in jeopardy.
Richard Rodriguez

As Prescott mentioned, Dallas has amassed a 12-5 regular season. However, they have yet to win a playoff game under McCarthy. Last season, they were upset at home, 23-17, by the 49ers in a game where Prescott didn’t seem to have a firm grasp on the implications of the clock at the end.

During this past offseason, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones issued a warning that they had better make the playoffs.

“Well, I have to win [another Super Bowl]. I have to earn it, but I’ll be honest with you, there are degrees,” Jones said last July. “I want to be fair to all concerned. We should be in the playoffs. We have to be viable in the playoffs for it to be a successful season.”

Jerry Jones said this week that Mike McCarthy's job is not in jeopardy.
Jerry Jones said this week that Mike McCarthy’s job is not in jeopardy.
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However, earlier this week Jones was adamant that McCarthy’s job was not in jeopardy.

“No. I don’t even want to … No. That’s it,” Jones said. “I don’t need to get into all the positives or negatives. I have a lot more to evaluate Mike McCarthy than this playoff game.”

One issue hanging over McCarthy’s head is Sean Payton, who used to work in the Cowboys organization, is known to have a close relationship with Jones and wants to return to football.