Millie Bobby Brown imitates Anna Delvey’s infamous accent: ‘Run it again!’

Millie Bobby Brown imitates Anna Delvey’s infamous accent: ‘Run it again!’

Millie Bobby Brown has been perfecting her American accent as Eleven on “Stranger Things” for years, but she recently introduced a new one on “The Tonight Show.”

Brown, reared in Spain and England before moving to Florida as a youngster, told presenter Jimmy Fallon that she picked up her American accent from watching Disney’s “Hannah Montana” as a child.

The British actor revealed that it has become a habit for her as she watches new episodes and attempts to replicate the characters’ accents, including the smash Netflix hit “Inventing Anna.”

“I was in the hotel lobby the other day, and they were like, ‘Miss Brown, we have to run your card again,’” Brown explained before breaking out her spot-on impression of Anna Delvey’s unique Russian-German accent, “I was like, ‘Run it again! It must be your system.’”

Brown added another of “Inventing Anna’s” most-quoted phrases, “Why do you look poor?” in Delvey’s accent.


In Season One of “Stranger Things,” the 18-year-old demonstrated another of her accent impersonation, this time of her co-star Winona Ryder.

After nearly three years, the streaming platform’s blockbuster will return for its fourth and last season, with Volume One arriving on May 27 and Volume Two following on July 1. Netflix promised a season “filled with new settings, new people, and the biggest threat yet is because these episodes set up the show’s climactic act” on Twitter.

The “Enola Holmes” actor began the conversation by discussing her character’s path in the upcoming season of the program, asking Fallon, “What isn’t happening with Eleven?”

“I think the main part and the slogan of this storyline is ‘It’s the beginning of the end,’ and we have to dig deep into her beginning and how she became who she is with the people around her and how to gain that autonomy and become this woman on her own,” she added, assuring Fallon that fans would get “lots of answers” as well as “lots of crying” and “lots of laughing” about her character during the season.

Many of Brown’s co-stars, including Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Sadie Sink, have grown up on the set of “Stranger Things” since the show premiered in 2016. The ensemble has a lot of fun together, especially when it comes to practical jokes.

While Brown claims Schnapp is the “greatest prankster of them all,” she also claims to have some surprises on her sleeve. Brown and the “Stranger Things” team planned one more big prank on the final night of the production.

“It was four a.m., we were in New Mexico, he was on set, and it was the final night of filming, so we figured what better way to get him than to base camp?” “She elaborated. “We had trash bins filled with water balloons all around, and we turned all of the lights off at base camp; I called him ‘crying,’ ‘Noah, I’m just so upset that you’re not here to say goodbye to me. Please just come back to base camp; I’m leaving now.’”

Brown practiced her accent again, assuring her that Schnapp would be there. Of course, when he arrived at base camp, Brown said that she appeared to be sincere and gave him a gift before dozens of others on set rained water balloons on him for at least 15 minutes.

Now, Brown remains on high alert for retaliation from her longtime co-star and best friend, telling Fallon, “When I see him, I’m terrified.”