Mohib Mirza Talks About Second Marriage For The First Time

Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza are two actors who are known for their love for the craft of acting and how they choose only scripts that they like and believe in. Both stars have worked together in movies and dramas and for the past two years, rumors have been swirling that they were both together after remaining single for some time following their respective divorces.

Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed were rumored to have been married for quite some time, but both of them kept quiet about the matter. But things came true after Sanam Saeed shared her memories from the past year in a video where Mohib Mirza was featured a lot and Sanam had a beautiful ring in her hand.

Mohib Mirza talks about a second marriage for the first time

Mohib then called Sanam ‘loved’ in a podcast and now he has officially confirmed that he is married. He was a guest on Tabish Hashmi’s Hasna Mana Hai where he was asked if he was married and he said yes, he is married. He further added that he lost his father last year and in his last time, his father wanted to see his only son get married again and settle down in life, which made him make the decision.

Mohib Mirza talks about a second marriage for the first time

Mohib also said that marriage is beautiful but you have to take that leap once they have found a compatible partner and not just because of the pressures of society. This is what he shared: