Motorola rolls out Android 12 update for Moto G100

Motorola rolls out Android 12 update for Moto G100

Motorola is starting to send the Android 12 update to the Moto G100. There have been a lot of phones with the new software recently, including the Moto Edge (2021), Edge+, Edge 20, Edge 20 Pro, Motorola G50, and Moto G200. The new software has been released to these phones in the last few days. When the Moto G100 came out last year, it had Android 11. The latest update has added many new features, improvements, and bugs. Everything you need to know about the Android 12 update for the Moto G100 can be found here.

As of this writing, the update is being broadcast in Brazil. It will be available in other places soon. This is how it works: There is a build number of S1RT32.41-20-16 on Motorola’s G100 (XT2125-4-DS). It is the first major OS upgrade for the Moto G100. Because it is a big upgrade, it takes more data to download. This is the first major OS upgrade for the Moto G100. The OTA is about 1.5GB in size, and you can download it quickly through your cell phone or WiFi. As a bonus, it will also raise the monthly security patch date to March 2022.

Motorola is giving the new software to the G100. It has Material You, a new notification panel, new widgets, and many security and privacy features, like a new lock screen. There are many other things you can change on your home screen with this new update. You can change the font and size of text and the color and shape of icons. Fixes to problems that have already been found will also be made.

Moto G100 Android 12 update

A new version of Android called Android 12 is now available for Moto G100 phones. If you own the Moto G100 and live in Brazil, you can get the Motorola My UX update for your phone. This update is based on Android 12. If you haven’t seen the Android 12 OTA notification yet, you can go to Settings > System > Advanced > System updates and see if there are any new system updates there.

People can wait a few days or do it on their own. Before you update your phone, make sure it’s charged to at least 50% and that you have a copy of important files.

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