Moving Your Data Off-Site if the Time is Right.

Moving Your Data Off-Site if the Time is Right.

The consumer has always been regarded as our most valuable asset. However, in today’s world, client data is more like our most valuable asset, and as such, it must be safeguarded.

As of this writing, you’re probably in the early phases of examining data that isn’t on your site. Alternatively, you’re attempting to construct a business case for the change.

Organizational change and significant investment are evident. It should, however, be limited to that. This is a sunk cost. It isn’t a cost. There should be no ambiguity that analyzing data center specs and expenses will profit.

Here are four instances that necessitate migrating data off-site to ensure a return on investment.

1. A Security Incident

Perhaps you’ve had your data breach, or you’ve heard about one in your business and are wondering whether you’re secure.

Since data breaches are becoming more sophisticated and widespread, keep an eye on this. The average loss from a data breach is $8 million for large corporations. A data breach has a 60% risk of forcing a small or medium-sized corporation to file for bankruptcy.

2. You’re Dealing With Bigger Clients

There can be additional obligations for data security if your company just gained a significant customer or government agency. As a result, it’s time to update.

Alternatively, you may be refocusing your efforts on catching larger prey. In the future, will you be able to boast about your company’s data security and facilities?

3. Your Business is Growing

With on-site data, you can only grow your company so far. It will eventually be a hindrance.

If your customer list is expanding in the manner described above, you may already be experiencing or expecting the need to relocate to a new location. Alternatively, you may have a considerably bigger workforce spread out over many places or even across the nation.

Shifting your data off-site might simplify daily operations significantly if this is the case.

4. Downtime is Hurting You More

Another possibility is that downtime is beginning to affect your bottom line significantly.

C-level executives generally only need to be made aware of a single significant event or downtime. As a result of this, the commercial case for transferring your data off-site becomes more compelling since no one wants to see this happen again. Nobody wants their customers’ data to be unavailable or their employees to be unable to work.

A handful of these conditions need a near-automatic choice to relocate your data off-site.

This is an important choice that should not be taken lightly. But if any of these situations resonated with you, we are confident that you will not regret your choice.