Murad Merali viral twitter and youtube exposed video

Murad Merali has been the subject of significant controversy on social media in the last twenty-four hours as a result of the release of numerous films exposing his history as well as his stuff on the well-known worker website OnlyFans. Murad Merali’s viral Twitter video has gone viral on social media and throughout the internet.

Murad has since issued a public apology, which can be seen on his YouTube account, as well as a trigger warning indicating that the topic he is about to cover is very emotionally draining and substantial. Who is Murad Merali, and why is he receiving so much harsh comments on social media?

Who is Murad Merali?

Murad Merali, who is 26 years old and has a podcast and a YouTube channel, is known for writing regular and opinionated Love Island posts.

His YouTube videos include “Love Island: Ekin Su’s Old Pal Reveals Voice Notes on Millie, Liam, and Liberty” and “Love Island: Ekin Su’s Old Pal Reveals Voice Notes on Millie, Liam, and Liberty.” His YouTube account has almost 300,000 subscribers.

According to the material on his Instagram account, he is a real estate investor as well as a clinical psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist.

The London-born YouTuber has a large celebrity following, including Love Island contestants Amber Gill, Yewande Biala, Nas Majeed, and Kaz Kamwi.

Why has there been pushback against Murad Merali?

When films that appeared to show him engaging in foot fetish material and “raceplay” surfaced recently, the YouTuber faced backlash on the internet.

Murad Merali viral twitter and youtube exposed video

The phrase “raceplay” refers to a sexual fetish in which participants agree to make insulting statements and racial insults to one another.

Listeners to the podcaster’s show have submitted a range of tweets expressing their thoughts on the videos.

Another Twitter user expressed concern about the films, writing, “This world is a frightening place.” You’ll never know what people are capable of or what they’re like on the inside unless you witness what they do in secret. I am surprised by Murad Merali’s ability to live a life in which he outwardly supports people of colour while demeaning them behind closed doors. I’m afraid of other people.”

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