Mystery behind the Chinese passenger jet crash

Mystery behind the Chinese passenger jet crash

Investigators think that the Chinese passenger jet that crashed into a mountain this year and killed all 132 people on board did so on purpose, either by the pilot or by someone else who got on board.

The China Eastern Boeing 737-800 nosedived and crashed into the ground on March 21 in the mountainous Guangxi province. Data from the plane’s black box showed that the nosedive was caused by a person.

Experts say that the plane’s nearly vertical path can only be explained by a murder-suicide because they haven’t found any mechanical problems that could have caused China’s worst aviation accident in 28 years.

During the quick descent, police say, the pilots did not answer many requests from air traffic controllers and other planes.

A source told the Wall Street Journal that someone in the cockpit told the plane what to do.

Investigators are looking at the pilot as the main suspect, but they are not ruling out the possibility that a crew member or passenger got into the cockpit and took control.