North West makes a huge mess in Kim Kardashian’s kitchen and spills flour while making pasta in the famous mom’s $60 million mansion

North West shared a disturbing video of herself messing up mom Kim Kardashian’s kitchen in her $60 million mansion.

The young teenager has raised some eyebrows with her recent TikTok activity, leaving fans concerned about a possible lack of oversight despite Kim’s claims that she watches North like a hawk online.


North West shared a TikTok of herself making a mess in Kim Kardashian’s kitchenCredit: TIKTOK/kimandnorth
The young star shares a TikTok account with her mother and is very active on the site


The young star shares a TikTok account with her mother and is very active on the siteCredit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

North, nine, teamed up with a friend for a video showing off their cooking skills.

The paper clip it started with the duo applying lip gloss before getting down to business making pasta.

Kim’s eldest child started by opening a bottle of olive oil before gathering other ingredients.

He took a scoop full of flour and appeared to dump it on the counter, apparently in preparation for the pasta making process.

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However, before she went about her business, she threw in a little flower, leaving fans stunned.

She and her friend were laughing and fooling around as they tried their hand at cooking.

At one point her confidant was heard asking: “How did you spill so much?”

The video continued and the girls added more to their mix.

They dropped in some eggs and then both got their hands dirty as they mixed and played with the ingredients.

Towards the end of the clip, North took a moment to laugh and dance, revealing that she had flour all over her face.

It’s unclear if the recipe ever came together, as the video ended before the pasta was finished.


This isn’t the first time North has been in her mom’s kitchen, nor is it the first time she’s made a total mess of it.

In December, she got into the Christmas spirit with a friend.

The pair were filmed in Kim’s kitchen, making sugary but festive drinks together.

The video opened with North and her friend pulling glasses from a cabinet and pouring a can of Canada Dry Ginger Ale into each.

It doesn’t take long for a big mess to ensue as North accidentally spills her drink everywhere.

However, he made sure to wipe the counter with a cloth before continuing.

North then pointed to a jar of maraschino cherries and poured the juice from them into both glasses.

He proceeded to scoop crushed ice from their massive freezer into the drink before showing the finished product.

North then panned the camera to her friend as she took a sip.

She quickly turned it on herself, making a face trying to enjoy the drink she made.

The video, set to Eartha Kitt’s holiday tune Santa Baby, ends with North dissing her own recipe.


While fans have expressed concern over Kim’s TikTok use, the Hulu star is adamant that she’s keeping a strict eye on her daughter.

In 2022, the Skims mogul shared her tough rules in an interview on Gwyneth Paltrow’s The Goop podcast.

Gwyneth opened up the conversation, asking Kim questions about North’s permission on TikTik amid criticism from fans.

Kim replied: “Every family is different – but if Penelope wants a TikTok, North wants a TikTok.”

Referring to ex-husband Kanye West, Kim continued: “Their dad is not happy about it and I respect that.”

Kim went on to reveal: ‘It might just be on my phone. It’s not something where he can scroll and look at things.

“We do not comment.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star added: “The way she’s so creative and the way she loves making this video.

“She’ll do grooming stuff, she likes special effects makeup and that’s what she likes to do.

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“She loves doing it and it makes her so happy. She’s so innocent in a lot of ways… and I give her that creative outlet.”

Kim concluded: “I find it more creative – as long as it’s age appropriate.”

North shares a variety of videos doing different things, including cooking


North shares a variety of videos doing different things, including cookingCredit: TIKTOK/kimandnorth
Fans were shocked at the extent of the mess he made


Fans were shocked at the extent of the mess he madeCredit: TIKTOK/kimandnorth
Kim has been adamant that she strictly monitors North's use of Tiktok


Kim has been adamant that she strictly monitors North’s use of TiktokCredit: TikTok/kimandnorth