Parents freak out over weird lunchbox detail

A woman in the US has sparked a debate after sharing a photo of her daughter’s lunch box.

Going to the popular Facebook group “What’s in your lunch box?” a page dedicated to school lunch boxes, the mom posted a snapshot of the box, which contained strawberries, a mini bagel, a Babybel cheese, goldfish crackers and Reese’s chocolate.

But there was one particular section of the lunchbox that caused a stir — the one filled with frozen peas.

“My daughter’s lunch for tomorrow!” she wrote

“The mini bagels were just out of the oven when I went to the store this morning – I couldn’t resist!”

“Perfect for sandwiches or with cream cheese.”

But some parents were stuck in the frozen pea section.

“Are they really frozen peas?” asked a mom.

Another user asked if the peas were still frozen until her daughter ate them.

“My daughter says they’re half thawed [when she eats them]which he adores,” said Mom.

“We also put her a cold pack with her lunch.”

Other parents praised the mom for getting her child to eat the vegetable.

“This is really great,” one person wrote.

“My kids eat vegetables, but never peas!”

Another user said his child also likes frozen peas.

“My kids love peas frozen or thawed!” they wrote.

“I buy the organic frozen peas from Aldi. cheap and tasty”