Pinterest will introduce new advertising capabilities for businesses to advertise their products and ideas.

Online shopping is booming these days, and Pinterest is striving to keep up with the competition by adding new innovative and upgraded options in this area.
As a result, the social media platform will soon roll out new ad options for firms to advertise their products and ideas to Pinterest users, according to the company. The launch is the latest move by the corporation to expand online shopping and advertising on its platform.

Pinterest announced that brands may now upload their product catalogues, and the platform will automatically pull products into a slideshow advertisement. These slideshows will be personalised for each user based on their preferences.
According to Julie Downs, Pinterest’s global head of advertisements and product marketing, the tool will make it easier for marketers to create video ads, which can be time-consuming to develop. “We want to emphasise video’s attention-getting quality.

Even when other tech giants approach e-commerce, Pinterest’s advantage is that users come to the app with a buying attitude and to shop,” said Pinterest’s chief revenue officer, Jon Kaplan “plan for the future.”
The online platform is also introducing a new feature called “merchant information,” which will allow businesses to highlight their beliefs on their profiles. The brands can display “responsibly sourced” and “inclusive” values.

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