Poonam Pandey’s private video was leaked on social media by Raj Kundra.

Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty’s businessman husband, was arrested on Monday by the Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police in connection with a shocking pornographic case. Now, explosive WhatsApp conversations have shown how much money the businessman made from making and selling pornographic movies.

Shilpa’s husband is said to be the main conspirator. He is one of the 11 people the Crime Branch of the Mumbai Police arrested. Hemant Nagrale, the head of the Mumbai Police Department, says that Raj Kundra got women to act in pornographic films by promising them parts in web series.

Zee News got a press release from Nagrale that said, “There was a case filed with Crime Branch Mumbai in February 2021 about the making of pornographic films and putting them on some apps.” In this case, we arrested Mr. Raj Kundra on July 19, 21. He seems to be the main person involved in the plot. We have enough proof that this is true. The investigation is still going on, so please be patient.

The report says that sources from the Mumbai Crime Branch say that Raj Kundra is related to Pradeep Bakshi, who lives in the United Kingdom. He also owns a business called Kenrin Production House. Bakshi is also a business partner of Kundra’s. Thanks to the conversations between Bakshi and Kundra that went viral on WhatsApp, we now know how much money was made from pornographic content. It’s a WhatsApp group chat, and it lists the names of the other people who are taking part.

Poonam Pandey says that Raj Kundra threatened her and put her phone number online.

Poonam Pandey says that Raj Kundra cheated on her and then put her phone number online. The model and actor had a deal with Raj’s Armsprime Media that she later broke.

In 2019, Poonam Pandey sued Raj Kundra in the Bombay High Court because he had used her picture without her permission. Since then, she and the businessman have been fighting in court. Since then, the actress and model has said that working with him was the worst thing she ever did. She said that he also blackmailed her and cyberbullied her phone number. Raj was arrested on July 19 for being part of a p*ornography racket. He was held by the police until July 23.


Poonam Pandey says that in a recent interview with The Times of India, Raj Kundra said that he agrees with legal action. Poonam had accused Raj and his friends of stealing, committing fraud, and giving out “Viral” phone numbers. Raj was put in jail because he was part of the group that made pornographic videos. She told the newspaper, “I signed an MOU with them that lasted for a month, and it was clear that they were cheating and being very unprofessional.

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The end of my agreement took effect right away. Getting into business with these people was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life. They’re bad. My whole life was out in the open. I went through trauma in a different way. I didn’t want to give their team my logins and passwords. When we talked to Raj’s team, they told us that we wouldn’t get paid until I signed a contract with them and started working with them again. I flatly said no. How could I do it if I knew that someone had broken into my accounts and looked at my private information? Who do they think that they are? Yeh log samajhte kya hain khud ko.

After Raj Kundra was taken into custody, Poonam put up a video on social media explaining her case against him.

POONAM PANDEY was asked by RAJ KUNDRA to take photos for an adult app.
Poonam Pandey also said that Raj Kundra had talked to her about a different app called HotShots. She went on, “He couldn’t convince me because he knew I wasn’t just using his app for work. I actually wanted to have nothing to do with Armsprime. I told them to get rid of the online app they had made in my name.

Soon after that, Raj Kundra personally asked me to join another app called HotShots. This is the purest form of blackmail. Do this or you will get in trouble, was the message. When I said no to the app, it posted my personal phone numbers online.

Raj Kundra said that after Poonam Pandey’s case against him, he was no longer working on the project and didn’t know about the petition. When HotShots came out, the actress said that even though Raj had left the company to do this, her information would have been “stolen” while he was still working there.

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