Popular Porthacourt Influencer, Christabel dies from Plastic Surgery

Popular Porthacourt Influencer, Christabel dies from Plastic Surgery

A woman named Christabel has died in Lagos because of a botched surgery.

The friend said that Christabel died from too much bleeding a few days after the surgery was done.

A young woman who said she was a friend of the person who died said on Twitter that the surgery went wrong at Cynosure Aesthetics Plasticsurg in Maryland.

She said that the person who died told the doctors that she was bleeding, but they told her it was normal after surgery and that the bleeding would stop.

The woman said that Christabel’s friends went to the hospital when they didn’t hear from her for days. The hospital gave them a letter saying that Christabel’s body had been put in the morgue.

She asked the state government to look into the hospital and make sure Christabel got what was right.

The woman wrote, “I want to tell everyone about this. A friend just died a few days ago at a hospital in Lagos, Nigeria, where she had surgery.

“Now, I’m not against anyone who wants to get in better shape or do something similar.

“But I don’t like it when doctors who say they have worked in other countries come to Nigeria to kill young people. She said she was bleeding after the surgery, but the doctors said that was normal and that it would stop.

“Now, here’s the problem: How are you a highly skilled and professional plastic surgeon with experience abroad, and someone you just finished operating on complained of bleeding, and you said that’s normal and it will stop?”