Possessed Love Ullu Web Series 2021 Cast Real Name, Crew, Storyline, Release Date, Wiki, Roles

Possessed Love Ullu Web Series 2021

Wikia Possessed Love 2021

Possessed Love 2021 is a web serial in India that is available on the ullu app. This ullu web serial includes erotica and romance. All episodes of this web series are available on the ullu app.


Everything is going swimmingly for the bride-to-be until her acquaintance persuades her to go against her grandmother’s wishes. The bride leaves the house on the night of haldi, but she does not return alone. A malevolent spirit seizes her and makes her crave for her husband’s friend. Keep an eye on where this possession leads in “Possessed Love”!

Full Information

Name Possessed Love
Genre Erotic, drama, horror
OTT Platform Ullu app
Language Hindi
Release date 23 march 2021
Season 1
Number of episodes 2

Possessed Love Cast & Crew

Actors Name Roles
Heer Sarika
Unika Ray Kim
Sachin Sharma Aman
Harshit Arora Raghav
Anoushka Gonsalves Kareena