School fight: 12-year-old facing criminal charges after middle school altercation, authorities say

A 12-year-old Wisconsin girl has been charged with disorderly conduct following a violent school brawl earlier this year.

According to the girl’s counsel, she was given a diversion with a punishment comparable to probation, but she refused since she is not guilty.

The brawl occurred on March 4 at Kenosha’s Lincoln Middle School.

A portion of the conflict was recorded on video, and an officer working security that day used his knee on the child to break up the fight.

The officer has subsequently resigned from the school district but continues to work for the Kenosha Police Department.

The officer should have been charged, according to the 12-year-attorney, old’s since her client was a victim of police violence, and the accusation against her appears to be an attempt to quiet her.

According to the girl’s attorney, a legal claim has been filed against the officer, the temporary police chief, and the school system.

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