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In this post, I will discuss SCOM Internet Packages. Internet bundles have become a requirement for practically every mobile user in the era of technology. Nobody wants to use the internet without a bundle because it can be prohibitively expensive. To fulfill the needs of its clients, Scom has revised its 4G internet bundles.

In remote places such as Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir, SCO is the only network that offers 4G services. Other networks may not be available in remote areas. Hence SCO’s services are vital.

SCO is the region’s only network that offers 4G services. It has successfully connected its consumers to the internet by providing daily, weekly, and monthly data deals.

Daily SCOM Internet Packages

The daily data bundle includes 500 megabytes of data for the entire day. However, the pricing is a little excessive!

PackageData VolumePriceValidityCode
Daily PLUS0.5GB (500 MB)Rs:291 Day*111#

Weekly SCOM Internet packages

If you want to activate a weekly deal, two data bundles are available. The super weekly offer includes 1GB of data with no time limit and 1GB of additional data with a time limit.

PackageData VolumePriceValidityCode
Super Week Offer1 GB (+1 GB at Night)Rs:1297 Days*111#

Social Pack 7GB for the week

The weekly social PackPack 7GB is the other weekly bundle. Because it is merely a social package, you can use it with WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and the SCO Smart TV app.

PackageData VolumePriceValidityCode
Weekly Social Pack7 GB
(WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook & SCO Smart TV App)
Rs:807 Days*111#

Monthly Internet packages offered by SCOM

If you need monthly internet service, you have various options. You can choose anyone based on your budget and data requirements.

5GB Monthly Pack

A monthly Pack is a good choice for most internet users. You may buy 5GB of data for 30 days for Rs. 300.

PackageData VolumePriceValidityCode
Monthly Pack5GBRs:30030 Days*111#

Gold 6 GB monthly

Monthly Gold provides 6GB of data for Rs. 449, but the data is only available between 1 AM and 7 AM. As a result of the time constraint, this bundle is unsuitable for most consumers, as there is a superb option of Monthly Premium 10GB for only Rs. 100 more.

PackageData VolumePriceValidityCode
Monthly Gold6 GB
(1 am to 7 am)
Rs:44930 Days*111#

Premium 10 GB monthly

The only option available to SCO prepaid users is Monthly Premium, which offers 10GB of internet access for Rs. 549. There is no usage time limit, so you can use data whenever you want for the next 30 days after activating this package.

PackageData VolumePriceValidityCode
Monthly Premium10 GBRs:54930 Days*111#

Look at SCOM Device Packets, which provide much more data at reasonable prices to gain even more data. Similarly, if you require internet minutes, call minutes, and SMS, you can look into the SCOM Easycards and see what works best.

7 GB Monthly Social Pack

PackageData VolumePriceValidityCode
Monthly Social Pack7 GB
(WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook & SCO Smart TV App)
Rs:30030 Days*111#

Note: *GST (17%) is applied on all tariffs as per policy in AJ&K.


How to activate the internet package in Scom?

Dial *111# with your Scom SIM card. You will receive a response from the company in which you will be asked to select your location from AJK and GB. Respond with your current location. You will now be presented with a list of all available bundles. Respond with the package serial number to which you want to subscribe.

How to check the remaining data in Scom?

Dial *125# from your SCO SIM to check your remaining data MBs. Once you receive a response, you must respond with 1 again to obtain additional information about your shipment.

The SCOM Mobile app can also be used to check resources. After successfully registering, you may download it and check your minutes, SMS, and data with a single click.

How to register on Scom Mobile App?

Open the Scom Mobile app that you downloaded from the play store or the app store. You’ll be prompted to provide your Scom mobile number. Many people encounter this issue when they enter their No. yet receive an error stating “Cannot find subscriber.”

The solution is simple: input your number without the 0 at the beginning. After you enter the No. correctly, you will receive a verification code on that No. to authenticate it, and your account will be created.

How to enable Scom 4G internet?

To enable Scom internet, you must have appropriate Scom internet settings. Click here for more information on how to add Scom 4G internet settings appropriately.

Final Stage of Scom Internet Packages

I hope you now have a thorough understanding of Scom internet bundles. Comment below to boost our spirits.

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