She-Hulk Finally Confirms the One Power That Separates Her From Hulk

While She-Hulk may transform into a Jade Giant, she possesses one power that distinguishes her from her cousin, the Hulk. In a new trailer for Marvel Comics’ The Variants #3, She-Hulk comes to Jessica Jones’ rescue as she battles with random variants cropping up and throwing a big curveball in her life. The scene confirms She-capacity Hulk’s to be a friend, despite her change, as one of her advantages against Banner.

Marvel’s Hulk has previously been able to control his rage in his gigantic form, as variants of the hero, including Professor Hulk, have done. However, unlike Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters’ She-Hulk has nearly always had more control over her powers than her cousin. As a result, She-Hulk has frequently had a critical advantage over the Hulk, as she has been able to carry on with her everyday (or as every day as it can be) life as a lawyer, even taking her Jade Giantess form while practicing law. She-Hulk is now confirming that being a calming presence is a necessary power she possesses that the Hulk has never fully mastered.

Jessica Jones is dealing with the ramifications of a handful of versions of herself suddenly arriving in her timeline in a new preview of The Variants (H/T Graphic Policy) #3 by Gail Simone, Phil Noto, and VC’s Cory Petit from Marvel Comics. She-Hulk acts as her muscle, utilizing her abilities to shield her good, frail companion from the strange happenings and versions. Things become awkward when Jessica’s Jewel variant comes to her house. Unlike her relative, Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters offers assistance in a tense circumstance, defending Jones from Jewel while trying to figure out what is happening.

She-Hulk Finally Confirms

It’s a subtle moment, but She-calmness Hulk’s tense situation with Jessica Jones and her versions demonstrates the most significant difference and advantage between her and her cousin. In a fit of wrath, Bruce Banner’s Hulk might destroy Jessica’s entire apartment unless he’s in one of his more mild forms. Jennifer Walters, on the other hand, even in her She-Hulk form, does not “Hulk out” with her powers but instead analyses the situation.

Putting Hulk in She-shoes Hulk’s would undoubtedly result in significant damage to Jessica Jones’ apartment and the death of Jewel before they could figure out what was going on. Fortunately, Walters’ ability to control her wrath gives her a significant advantage over her cousin, Bruce Banner, called the Hulk. She-unique Hulk’s power management makes her an invaluable companion to Jessica as she navigates her alternate narrative. Marvel Comics’ The Variants #1 hits stores on Wednesday.