Sheeba Chaddha Regrets Not Doing This Kiss Scene In Khuda Haafiz 2

Sheeba Chaddha Regrets Not Doing

Sheeba Chaddha is someone who isn’t afraid to admit she was wrong about something.

The 50-year-old actress has just found fame and money. She has played a variety of roles in films and web series. She used to be a theatre and television actor and never shies away from admitting mistakes.

Sheeba Chaddha was recently seen in the film Khuda Haafiz 2. The actress portrayed a female don who ruled the neighbourhood. The creators chose to add another dimension to her character by making it lesbian. Sheeba Chaddha’s screen presence is enticing, but the film has no lip-lock scene.

Sheeba Chaddha has always claimed to be a person who believes strongly in doing the right thing, whether through her acting or her social work. And when it comes to some of her decisions over the years, such as playing a lady her age or taking on bad roles, Sheeba always tries to stand by them or admit when she’s wrong. And that’s precisely what she did in Khuda Hafiz 2 after initially refusing to do a female-on-female kiss scene.

Sheeba Chaddha Called Refusing Feale-On-Female Kiss Scene ‘Stupid’

Sheeba Chaddha stated in interviews that she regretted not executing the female-on-female kissing sequence that filmmaker Faruk Kabir had intended for her LGBT character Thakurji in “Khuda Hafiz 2.” Faruk Kabir had been compelled to eliminate the section from the script, which Sheeba felt was inappropriate, especially as someone who takes herself and her profession seriously.

“It was stupid,” Sheeba explained. “I was thinking, ‘How would my friends and family react to this?'” I wasn’t emotionally secure enough to commit to that component of the picture creatively. To be the one contributing something goofy to a movie with actors, a director, and a writer of this calibre.” Sheeba said that the whole process had been a learning lesson for her.

On the contrary, numerous performers have said yes to such parts with commitments. Even though we reject young women ready for any job, actresses such as Shefali Shah, Swara Bhaskar, and Suchitra Pillai have accepted a female-on-female kiss.

We expect to see Sheeba Chaddha in a variety of roles in films and web series in the future.