Sindh Wants to Start Orange Line Buses in Just 1 Month

Sindh Wants to Start Orange Line Buses in Just 1 Month

Karachi’s Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will be operational shortly, possibly within a month. The Sindh government stated this at a meeting yesterday.

Provincial Transport Minister Sharjeel Memon presided over a Sindh Mass Transit Authority meeting, where concerned authorities presented updates on the province’s existing mass transit projects.

The federal government ran the Green Line BRT for three years before handing it over to the Sindh government. Officials admitted that the Orange Line BRT is a Sindh initiative, and monies for purchasing 20 buses were provided to the Sindh Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (SIDCL).

Sharjeel Memon, the provincial transport minister, was instructed to complete the Orange Line BRT in 30 days. The new project will encompass Orangi Town and the surrounding surroundings.

According to official estimates, the Green Line BRT had been operational for one month by February, with over one million people using the service.

Within the first month of operation, 1,093,000 commuters used the Green Line BRT, according to SIDCL. On weekdays, 35,000 people use the service, increasing to 50,000 on weekends.

Since January 10, the Green Line BRT has been operating at full capacity, with 80 buses running from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., covering 21 kilometers. Every three minutes, buses arrive at the stations.