Sister Wives fans believe Christine Brown and boyfriend David Woolley are in a polygamous relationship after spotting evidence

SISTER Wife fans have begun to wonder if Christine Brown and her boyfriend David Woolley are very romantic.

The TLC star revealed her new love on Valentine’s Day, sharing a series of glowing posts about him.


Sister Wives star Christine Brown has dropped a hint about her new relationshipCredit: Instagram/christine_brownsw
Fans believe that Christine Brown and David Woolley have a polygamous relationship


Fans believe that Christine Brown and David Woolley have a polygamous relationshipCredit: Instagram/christine_brownsw

On Saturday, Christine, 50, took her Instagram account to share a smiling selfie.

In the photo, she looked straight into the camera while wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.

She revealed in the caption: “I love visiting my grandkids in NC! Being an Oma is the best. But I wore this hoodie and it reminds me of @david__woolley!!! I miss you baby!!”

Several fans noticed a more subtle detail in the snap: a necklace around the Sister Wives star’s neck.

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It appears to potentially contain a clue to the nature of Christine and David’s relationship, as the symbol on the chain around her neck is called an infinity heart and is a popular symbol among polyamorous people.

However, it is not only loved by polygamists.

Several commenters reacted to the piece in the comments, with some simply questioning where it came from and others sure it’s a sign.

One commenter bluntly asked: “Did you know your heart necklace is actually the symbol of polyamory? Just wondering if you did.”

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Several others shared that they had the same question, but Christine did not respond.

“Love the necklace,” one fan simply commented.

Another commented: “Nice love this necklace. I don’t suppose you’ll share where you bought it?”

A third commenter wondered: ‘Is it from the necklace you’re wearing [Sister Wives] closed? It’s beautiful.”

Another said: “A man who KNOWS what a beautiful necklace is! The heart of infinity! Perfect! I wish you eternal happiness.”


While fans are excited to see Christine happy and moving on after her split from Kody Brown, her ex is said to be struggling.

A source close to the star told US Sun that Cody doesn’t love all of his ex-wife’s romantic posts.

They said: “He is burdened by all of this, and all of her posts.

“He really cares, especially since his fans are tagging him and sending him the posts.”

The insider added: “He avoids social media at all costs.”

“Cody thinks Christine just wants attention.

The source told US Sun: “She can’t believe after all these years with him, she’s moved on so fast and she’s already in love with another man.”

“He thinks it’s all BS”

Another insider previously said the mum-of-six loves getting ‘revenge’ on her ex-husband.

“She’s trying to get revenge. She’s on this mission to reinvent herself while making Cody remember what he lost.”


Kody’s ex doesn’t seem bothered at all.

She continued to share snaps with her new beau and sexy photos of herself.

Recently, she shared a snap showing herself posing smiling for the camera.

She wore a leather jacket, glasses and wore her blonde hair in a long flowing style.

Christine captioned the post: “You might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” — The Beatles, ‘Imagine’ #leatherweather #thebeatles #lovingthislife #happyandfree #imaginethepossabilities.”

Fans flocked to the comments to praise the star, noting that she looked “glowing” in the recent photos.

“I’ve never been happier for a stranger in my life! Be a girl!” one person wrote.

“I’m so happy for you Christina!” echoed another.

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“You’re glowing and oozing happiness. I’m excited for you,” said a third.

“You’re such an inspiration. I’m so happy you’re finally happy again!” hit in a quarter.

David is Christine's first love since leaving Cody Brown


David is Christine’s first love since leaving Cody BrownCredit: TLC
Kody is said to be struggling with Christine's social media posts


Kody is said to be struggling with Christine’s social media postsCredit: TLC
Fans, however, are thrilled to see her so happy and in love


Fans, however, are thrilled to see her so happy and in loveCredit: Instagram/David Woolley