Sona Mohapatra slams those who question Ira Khan’s birthday outfit

Sona Mohapatra is a songwriter, performer, and composer from India. Mohapatra has remixed David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” and I’s “Afterglow,” the latter of which has been particularly successful, in addition to her compositions.

Sona Mohapatra has tweeted in support of Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan, claiming that she is 25 years old and does not need her father’s permission to achieve her goal. When Ira posted images from her birthday celebrations, several internet users criticized her for wearing a bikini near her father, Aamir.

Sona wrote, “All the people outraging about Ira Khan’s choice of attire or linking it to what #AamirKhan said, did or didn’t in the past; please note; she is 25. A mature, independent lady. She is making use of her options. She doesn’t require your or her father’s approval. Off Of the BUZZ. #Indian #Patriarchy.”


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