SPY x FAMILY Anime – Part 2 Gets a Trailer

SPY x FAMILY Anime – Part 2 Gets a Trailer

Preview of the new opening trailer: part 2 of the SPY x FAMILY anime is getting clearer.

This Thursday, the primary trailer for the anime SPY x FAMILY – Part 2 is posted on the project’s official website.

This new trailer shows us the new opening song for the show. It’s called “MEMORY,” played by the Japanese rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN. For now, we don’t know anything about the new ending.

As a reminder, this second part, which will have episodes 13 through 25, is scheduled to come out in Japan on October 1, 2022. From the same date, it will also be on Crunchyroll in France.

Kazuhiro Furuhashi is leading this sequel at the WIT animation studio and the CloverWorks studio. Takashi Katagiri, Takahashi Kenji and Harada Takahiro officiate as assistant directors. Kazuaki Shimada is in charge of designing the characters, and Kana Inagaki is in order of the 3D. The music is written by a group called (K)NoW NAME.

The anime SPY x FAMILY is based on the manga of the same name, which was written and drawn by Tatsuya Endo and has been pre-published since March 2019 on Shueisha’s ShonenJump+ online service. Kurokawa publishes the manga in French, and the first episode of the anime series can be found on Crunchyroll.

Soon, there will be more news.

Operation Strix is going as planned, but the plan to get closer to Donovan Desmond by using Anya’s school results seems to have been severely hampered…

Don’t worry about it. Twilight, the best spy in Westalis, has more than one trick.

To celebrate Anya’s first Stella, which he earned by saving a young boy from drowning, the Forge family is about to get a new member: a dog that doesn’t seem like a typical pet…

What could be mysterious about this new four-legged friend after the spy father, the contract killer mother, and the telepathic daughter?

This anime is based on the manga with the same name by Tatsuya Endo.

  • Genre: Shonen, Comedy, Action, Spy
  • Release date: October 1, 2022

Anime staff :

  • Author: Tatsuya Endo
  • Animation Studio: WIT x CloverWorks
  • Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
  • Assistant Director: Takashi Katagiri, Takahashi Kenji, Harada Takahiro
  • Chara Design: Kazuaki Shimada
  • 3D Director: Kana Imagaki
  • Music: (K)NoW_NAME

Anime Cast :

  • Loid Forger: Takuya Eguchi
  • Yor: Saori Hayami
  • Anya: Atsumi Tanezaki
  • Franky Franklin: Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Sylvia Sherwood as Yuko Kaida
  • Henry HendersonKazuhiro Yamaji
  • Yuri Briar: Kensho Ono
  • Camilla: Umeka Shoji
  • Millie: Manaka Iwami
  • Sharon: Mirei Kumagai
  • Dominic: Shohei Kajikawa
  • Damian Desmond as Natsumi Fujiwara
  • Becky Blackbell as Emiri Kato
  • Emile Elman: Hana Sato
  • Ewen Egeberg: Sayaka Okamura
  • Bill WatkinsHiroki Yasumoto
  • WISE Director: Akio Otsuka
  • Garden Manager: Junichi Suwabe
  • Narrator: Kenichiro Matsuda