Stream all episodes of the web series Room 222, Yessma!!

Stream all episodes of the web series Room 222, Yessma

I recently got the Yessma app and watched Room No. 222, a Malayalam web series. The online series is unique because it shows personal moments in a way that has never been done before. The Web series was shot in an artistic way and didn’t have any extra drama. The actors have strong characters.

The online series Room 222 showed how two strangers who were roommates at the same hotel fell in love with each other. The web series Room 222 is more like a well-made short film.

The writers didn’t make the whole thing about sexual encounters. Instead, they put them in a situation where they can act out how they feel about each other and let their passion shine through the camera. There are a lot of typos and other mistakes in an otherwise good performance.

That’s a mistake on the part of the local OTT sector, which is growing quickly and includes the very popular Ullu app. Sign up for the Yessma app if you want to watch the Room No. 222 web series right now.

Room No. 222 Web Series Details

Lakshmi Dheeptha is in charge of the Malayalam web series Room No. 222. In this web serial, two strangers who are staying at the same hotel fall in love with each other. This online series is fun and exciting to watch.

It is one of the most well-known online shows because it was directed and shot so well. On the Yessma app, you can watch web series, which can be found in the Google Play store and downloaded. For a low monthly fee, you can watch every web original and short film that Yessma has ever made.

How to Watch Online Room No. 222 Web Series

The Playstore is where you can find the Yessma app. The Yessma web series is based on subscriptions, so you have to pay a small fee to unlock all of the content in the Yessma app. So far, they have made a short film and two web series.

All of the web series you can watch on the Yessma app is great. You can also see behind-the-scenes footage from the Room No. 222 web series that hasn’t been shown yet.

Actors who were in the web series are suing the company that made the Yessma app, which has caused a lot of trouble. They just put out a clip of the actors agreeing to make this web series.