Teen mom Leah Messer scammed for accepting money on TikTok and ‘rude’ to followers amid $450,000 tax debt

Fans have claimed that teen mum Leah Messer accepted money from her followers on TikTok.

While eating at a restaurant with friends, Leah, 30, did a live session for her fans.


Leah Messer asked her fans to “send her a galaxy” on TikTokCredit: Tiktok
Critics slammed Leah for 'accepting money from fans'


Critics slammed Leah for ‘accepting money from fans’Credit: MTV

The Teen Mom 2 alum appeared in high spirits as she received tons of heart emojis and flower stickers from her followers.

The MTV star held out her hands for the camera as if she wanted more.

Leia shouted, “Send me a galaxy!”

According to video sharing platformliving gifts, like roses and galaxies, are “virtual items you can send to show your appreciation for your favorite creators.”

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To send a live gift to the creator, users must “buy coins”.

Creators can then turn their gifts into diamonds, which they can redeem for real money – as it states Business Insider.


In in the online threadcritics slammed the reality star and her “rude friends” for “begging for gifts” from fans.

One reviewer claimed: “Lia and her friends act like they don’t know that gifts equal money. So tacky!”

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Another reviewer added sarcastically: “Hopefully they get enough ‘gifts’ to pay for their meal! Lots of laughs!”

A third reviewer said: “They sure have that restaurant’s money! Why are they begging for money? Ugh!”

A fourth person wrote: “Leah, I think it’s so wrong and tacky to take money from your fans, who no doubt make a lot less money than you.

“And it’s scary if you’re sending money to someone like Leah who doesn’t need your money at all.”

One commenter said: “How dare Leah go online and try to collect money from her fans who don’t make a fraction of what she makes?”


In October 2022, America’s Sun exclusively revealed that the Teen Mom star owed more than $450,000 in unpaid taxes.

According to court records, the reality star has outstanding debt to both the IRS and the state of West Virginia.

A Kanawha County clerk told The Sun, “There is a federal tax lien recorded on January 7, 2020 in the amount of $448,261.35.

The clerk added, “There’s no release for that,” which meant the debt remained unpaid.

The source also confirmed the state tax lien recorded on June 27, 2022, which was $9,238.04, is outstanding for Leah.

Pending tax hurdles may have gotten in the way when her ex-fiancé Jaylan Mobley bought her a $500,000 home shortly before they split.

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The TV personality shares her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, who recently turned 13, with ex Corey Simms.

She also shares her youngest daughter Addie, 9, with ex Jeremy Calvert.

Leah posed with Jaylan Mobley in happier times


Leah posed with Jaylan Mobley in happier timesCredit: Instagram/ Leah Messer
Lean is pictured with her three daughters


Lean is pictured with her three daughtersCredit: Instagram
Leah owed over $450,000 in unpaid taxes


Leah owed over $450,000 in unpaid taxesCredit: MTV