Teen mum Farrah Abraham reveals her dating profile and boasts she wants a ‘financially secure and smart’ man

TEEN Mom star Farrah Abraham has revealed her shocking dating profile and expectations for a partner.

The MTV alum has been single for quite some time with her last public relationship coming in 2020.


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has revealed her extensive dating profileCredit: Instagram/farrahabraham
The profile includes a long list of requirements for a potential suitor


The profile includes a long list of requirements for a potential suitorCredit: Instagram/@farrahabraham

Farrah, 31, took to social media to reveal her dating profile to fans and potential lovers.

The star’s lengthy profile included a list of requirements for the “best friend, love, teammate and life partner” she’s looking for.

She writes in her bio that she’s looking for “a smart man with a beautiful mind.”

The right suitor will be “loving, compassionate, emotionally available, mentally healthy, good communicator, supportive, authentic, spiritual, sensual, reliable, family-oriented, passionate, non-addict, self-aware and lives with integrity. “

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Additionally, Farrah writes that she wants to date a man who is “established in your career and financially secure.”

They should also “have a great smile, a great sense of humor and a generosity of spirit.”

Farrah asked her Prince Charming to be “a man who has room for me in his heart and in his arms.”

He also writes that he wants someone who pursues his “goals” and can “find space to balance relationship, gaming, family and personal time.”

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They must also “know how to give and receive love” and “value monogamy.”

Farrah’s ideal man, according to her dating profile, can be summed up as someone who is “motivated to stay healthy, beautiful and fit.”

Fans at a teen mom message board described her requests as superficial, with one writing: “This dating bio sounds so sweet and then you meet Farah and realize all the things she claims to want are still not that important compared to money and business.”

It’s unclear how long the former reality star has been looking for love.

She hasn’t been romantic with anyone in quite some time.


Bach in 2020, Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen confirmed to US Sun that her daughter was dating a pilot and financier named Daniel Ishah.

Rumors had been fueled after the duo were spotted enjoying a romantic weekend together in Mexico.

The Teen Mom OG grandma said, “I’m hoping to meet him soon and I could have a chance to find out what he’s all about. I trust her judgment. I’m really excited to meet this person.”

Debra continued: “They haven’t been out for a long time. She deserves to be happy. I’m hoping for good things.”

A source close to Farrah told US Sun that they were “dating for months” at the time.

They broke up about a month after they were first reported to be dating.


Farrah has apparently been focused on her daughter Sophia lately and hasn’t had any romantic prospects, at least not publicly.

The star recently celebrated her daughter’s 14th birthday.

She shared two tributes to her teenager on social media, with one revealing the shocking way they celebrated the special day.

Fans criticized the controversial figure for doing it all for her.

Farrah kicked off Sophia’s birthday with a post that featured an unusual photo and video montage of her and her daughter together.

She revealed that her only child got two lip rings and several piercings in her ears.

Farrah then shared a second, bigger one Positionwith a series of photos of her and Sofia together.

She captioned it: “I LOVE MY TEENAGER HAPPY 14th Birthday @sophialabraham IT’S OFFICIAL! 02/23/2023 SHE’S HERE I want to say beyond loving you I’m grateful to have you as my daughter, you’ve helped me to recognize how to “report” myself, even when I’m taking you on.

“How to lose the ‘parent ego’ which is the ugliest thing in this world tune in and have compassion – that’s why you made my world easier to see and get past my childhood and be present /2ft with you!”

Farrah continued: “I love you and wish you the most successful life you deserve, full of compassion, no judgment, no shaming, blaming or rejection for any reason.

“As you are now relearning, expressing yourself and using all the education you are 100% at every age. I know this makes your life blossom far beyond mine – you make me proud, laugh, love and feel heaven on earth we must all have.”

The tributes arrived on a teen mom theme Redditwhere the star was ripped by critics.

One hater wrote: “Way to go for yourself Farrah.”

A second review: “A simple ‘Happy Birthday Sophia, I love you!’ would have satisfied me I think…”

Another commented: “That’s a lot to throw at your 14-year-old.”

A fourth commenter said: “It’s all about Farrah. Even when she’s trying to be big she’s still a narcissist.”

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Another added: “It takes a special type of narcissism to get your daughter’s birthday message, add some shade to your parents and give yourself a pat on the back.”

Another commenter wrote: “What a way to do it for herself.”

Farrah hasn't been romantically linked in quite some time


Farrah hasn’t been romantically linked in quite some timeCredit: TikTok/farrahabraham
She has focused on her daughter Sophia, who recently turned 14


She has focused on her daughter Sophia, who recently turned 14Credit: Tiktok
Farrah recently came under fire for her daughter's tribute and birthday present


Farrah recently came under fire for her daughter’s tribute and birthday presentCredit: Tiktok