Telenor 30GB Monthly Internet Package (Price & Code)

Telenor 30GB Monthly Internet Package (Price & Code)

Telenor 30GB Monthly Internet – Get 30GB + 30GB Free (1AM to 7AM) when you activate Telenor Monthly Lite for Rs 1500. Yes! This is a 30GB bundle that now includes 30GB of free space. For all Telenor Sim subscribers, the total data in this bundle has increased to 60GB.

Furthermore, Telenor internet is relatively simple since the new Telenor 30GB Monthly Internet Package is highly popular among consumers. This bundle is well-known for its unique (unlimited GBs) add-on functionality.

Do you want to enjoy unlimited 3G and 4G internet on Telenor? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the correct place since Apna 4G has stated a great bucket with a large (huge) quantity of data available to subscribers.

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Telenor 30GB Monthly Internet Package:

Today is the last day to activate this bundle by dialling *345*1001#. The actual quantity (data) was 30GB in total. However, a special offer has been placed on this bucket to attract more people. Telenor has quadrupled the “Monthly Lite” incentives as a result.

Those who previously received 30 GB as part of their bucket membership will now get 30 GB + 30 GB = 60 GB as part of this deal. So, for a set sum of Rs 1500, sign up for this bundle right now.

Code, Price, and Specs:

Here are the official details of the 30GB Monthly Internet bucket. Because of the additional add-on, the bundle might be dubbed the “60GB Offer.” Here are a few more details:

Offer Name: Monthly Lite
Offer GBs: 30GB
Free GBs: 30GB
Total Data: 60GB
Free Data Timing: 1 AM to 7 AM
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs 1500
SUB-Code: *345*1001#

Important Note: 

According to Telenor, the 30GB bundle will only be activated for customers of the “Telenor Connect Prepaid Package.” Additionally, subscribers of the “Telenor Hotspot Prepaid Package” may start the 30GB + 30GB bucket for 1500 rupees.

Total Package Data:

However, Telenor is now offering double incentives on each bundle. As a result, consumers will get 60GB for the same price as a 30GB subscription. However, the double amount program is just short, and the incentives will revert to their previous condition after a few months. You may now use this website to unlock Telenor SIM PUK Code.

30GB Check Code: 

Using the official Telenor App, you can inquire about the remaining MBs of this 30GB or 60GB bucket. As a result, download and install a new app from the Google Play Store and check out the remaining free resources.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • It’s a special deal for Connect Prepaid customers.
  • If you have a Hotspot package, you may subscribe. Data will be delivered in a twofold form (60GB instead of 30GB)
  • There would be no extra GST, AIT, or FED tax or subscription.
  • Visit the official Telenor website to learn more about the 30GB Monthly Lite plan.