Telenor Eid Offer 2022 – Telenor Eid Gift Free Internet

Telenor Eid Offer 2022 – Telenor Eid Gift Free Internet

It gives you free 2000 MBs, free calls for seven days, and 300 MBs (100 MB a day) for three days of Eid when you have no money on your phone.

You can now find free internet and calls and text messages in Pakistan when there is a special event like a new school year or a new job. It’s Eid ul Fitr time now. Ramadan is going by quickly, and everyone hopes for a lovely Eid day.

Telenor always comes up with new ways to keep its customers happy on holidays. In the same way, Telenor will offer free internet and calls this year through three different tricks. This month, the same thing will happen. There are a few ways to get unlimited data (MBs) for holidays. Keep reading this article to find out how.

Telenor Eid Offer 2022

If you want free internet MBs on Eid, or you want to get free minutes through 3 working codes, you can do that, too. Telenor developed these methods and codes to make its customers happy at special events. They are all 100% correct and work.

List of 3 offers to get free MBs & Minutes this Eid:

  • Telenor’s app gives you a free 2000 MBs of space.
  • Free First Call:
  • Eid gives you 300 MBs for free.
  • Check out each Telenor Eid deal to see what they have to offer. Eid offers have all the information you need, including the code and the expiration date.

1st (Free 2000 MBs via Telenor App)

Telenor has developed a new way to get more people to download their official app. People who download and install this app for the first time on their phones will get 2000 MBs free from the network.

Free 2000 MBs via Telenor App

To get 2GB of free data, download this app today and do so now. This data will work until the MBs in your account run out, so don’t worry about it.

2nd (Free First Call Offer)

It’s easy: Call *888#, then make on-network calls for free for seven days. We usually call our friends, family, and loved ones on EID day to say hello and send them good vibes.

Offer Name: Free 1st Call
Validity: 7-Days
Code: *888#
Price: Rs 5

Offer: This one costs Rs 5 and lets you make your first call for free. Yes! You can make your first call for free every day for seven days.

Free First Call Offer

It only works with old 3G and 4G cards. New users who sign up after November 4, 2020, won’t be able to get this deal. This means that you can make your first call very long. Call setup fees will not be charged.

3rd (Eid 300 MBs Free)

Finally, this data bucket only works for three days of Eid-ul-Fitr. It has 3G and 4G data, but only for that time. Dial *345*132# to get 300 MBs of space to use social media and the web.

Offer Name: Free Eid
Data: 300 MBs
Daily: 100 MBs
Validity: 3 Days
SUB-Code: *345*132#

There are three parts of 100 MBs of data each day of Eid with the code below. The main problem with this deal is that it doesn’t work well on 2G and 3G.

Yes! This deal only gives you internet MBs that work on 2G and 3G. For this reason, you must use the Eid MBs with patience because the speed is slow for 4G users.

Enjoy Eid-Ul-Fitr With Telenor

Using Telenor’s SIM, you can enjoy your EID because it has a wide range of coverage and the fastest connectivity. This makes the telecom experience unique for both prepaid and postpaid users. There are three offers and packages that are 100% correct and work with all types of SIM cards that are shown above. This information is up to date for the New Year 2022.