Telenor Quiz Today 21 May 2022 | Telenor Answers Today 21 May

Telenor Quiz Today 21 May 2022 | Telenor Answers Today 21 May

Today Telenor quiz answers 21 May 2022: Here are Today’s Telenor Quiz Answers 21 May 2022. My Telenor app quiz answers are found in this post. My Telenor App won Free MBs from Telenor. You can win Telenor Free MBs if you answer all of the questions correctly.

Telenor Quiz Today 21 May 2022, The answers are here. In this post, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Telenor Quiz Today, so read on! This Quiz can earn you a free megabyte. It’s possible to win free internet with Telenor’s Quiz, so Telenor’s answer to Today’s question is 100% correct on this site. All the right answers to the questions can be found in this place.

Hello there! If you visit this site often and are looking for Today Telenor answers for 21 May 2022, you can get them. To get a free Telenor MB, you’ll get all of them right if you get them all right.

Telenor Answers Today 21 May 2022

People who use the My Telenor app now have to answer five questions a day to get free internet. Many people now go to Google to get this service and see what they can do. Telenor will give you up to 50 MB of free internet each day if you answer these questions correctly, so long as you do.

Today Telenor Quiz 21 May 2022

You want to know the Today Telenor Quiz to look them up when you want to find out what they are. We can also get many benefits through the My Telenor App, which I’ll tell you about. I’ll show you how. Through the Telenor app, you can choose from a wide range of internet and call packages in Pakistan. Also, the Telenor App lets you watch movies, dramas, and shows and listen to music.

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21 May Telenor Quiz Today | Telenor Answer 21 May

Telenor answers 21 May 2022. My Telenor App is called Telenor Test Your Skills Today, and Today I have to answer the Telenor App. You have to choose the correct answer and get free MBs from the Telenor App.

How are you, friends? I hope everyone will be okay. If you want the Telenor Today Answers, come back to our site daily. I keep these answers up to date all the time.

Telenor Quiz Today 21 May 2022 – Test Your Skills Answers Today

The answers to My Telenor App’s Telenor Quiz Answers aren’t there Today. So, now I know all the answers to the Quiz, and I’ve won the Quiz, too. This is what happens next: The customer opens the “Test your skills today” menu in my Telenor app.

In “My Telenor”, there are a few ways to get some free Internet data in the “ My Telenor app, ” like the following.

In one day, you can use the answers to questions on free websites. I will show you how to get MBs from the internet through the My Telenor app.

Steps to get free Internet on Telenor SIM.

You can get free MB of internet every day from My Telenor. I’ll show you how to get all of this.

  • The first thing you need to do is open the Telenor app.
  • “Test Your Skills” must be clicked.
  • To start, there will be a list of five questions.
  • Make sure you give the right answers to Telenor questions to get free MBs.
  • If you correctly answer these questions, Telenor will provide you 50/100 MBs of free space.

This is how you can think about questions about the Telenor app. This site has the answers to the Today Telenor Quiz if you want to look them up if you want to. Four options will be given to you, and only one of them is going to be correct. You have to choose the one that will earn you MB for these questions! There are five questions in all, and you must answer them all.

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 21 May 2022

Question 1: When was the first Telecommunication day celebrated?

  • 1969
  • 2010
  • 2015
  • 2020

Answer: 1969

Question 2: When was the first telephone was made?

  • 1970
  • 1980
  • 1876
  • 2000

Answer: 1876

Question 3: Telecommunication provides us with _____ so we can communicate.

  • Space
  • Connection
  • Time
  • Area

Answer: Connection

Question 4: Which of these is the predecessor of the Telephone?

  • Telegraph
  • Mobile phone
  • Smartphone
  • Internet

Answer: Telegraph

Question 5: When was Telenor launched in Pakistan?

  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2005
  • 2015

Answer: 2005

People Also Ask For Telenor

What is my Telenor App?

My Telenor App is where all your needs are just a tap away. With its easy-to-use interface, the app allows you to view, activate and deactivate your favourite offers, check your usage details and history, and manage your account.

What is the helpline of Telenor?

Calling +92 42-2111 345 100 gives you step-by-step directions on how to get through the menu. After the salute message, you can press a key to choose one of the options and quickly and easily get to the information you want.

How can I email Telenor?

You can send us your questions about products and services, the network, tariff packages, current and standard offers, and possible complaints and observations by email to This is the email address.

What is Telenor Test your skills?

This app allows us to see how much space our phones have used. The purchase comes with online customer service. You can find answers to Today’s Telenor questions, how to study, and other questions on this site. There are no mistakes in the Telenor app’s answers to all questions. Telenor will give you some free MB in exchange for your answers to this Quiz.

How many internet MBs do we get from the My Telenor App quiz on 21 May 2022?

Is the My Telenor App Test Your Skills quiz correct? If so, you get 100 MB for the next day. You can only use that amount for one day. One day after that, maybe all of your data will be lost, and the next day you’ll have to answer the Telenor quiz again.


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