Telenor Research Reveals Tech Trends for 2022 That Will Fuel a Green Transition in Society

Telenor Research Reveals Tech Trends for 2022 That Will Fuel a Green Transition in Society

As the globe confronts one crisis after another, contemporary technology is becoming more energy and climate-sensitive to maintain the environment.

Telenor Research has revealed its top five tech trends for 2022, focusing on how technology and digitalization can help combat climate change and environmental degradation.

An event was hosted at Telenor Pakistan Headquarter 345 to highlight these Tech Trends, where Bjorn Table Sandberg, Head of Telenor Research, and Kristian Hall, Vice President Climate and Environment, discussed the global and Pakistani trends that would emerge during the year.

Zartaj Gul, Minister of State for Climate Change, ecosystem stakeholders, media representatives, and Telenor Pakistan management attended the ceremony.

Bjorn Table Sandberg and his team of experts estimate how technology advances in 2022 will allow green transformation in the seventh edition of Telenor’s Tech Trends study.

People worldwide are waking up to the need to act on climate change and environmental deterioration,” stated Bjorn Table Sandberg, Head of Telenor Research, speaking digitally at the event.

It is critical for us at Telenor to understand how technology can both avoid becoming part of the issue and assist in the transformation,” he said.

According to Telenor Research, the enormous expansion in data use pushes the need for energy. Energy-efficient Edge data centers accessible from mobile devices through 5G networks will begin to appear this year across the world.

With an ever-increasing number of electronic gadgets and solutions allowing people to live more comfortable lifestyles, the worldwide need for higher energy efficiency will spark competition among consumer electronics producers.

This year, social media influencers will be increasingly aware of the need to be environmentally conscientious, and as a result, followers will flock to Greenfluencers.

Employees are expected to be keener to contribute to the environment personally, which will be reflected in their decision to pursue micro-degrees via online learning platforms.

Organizations that fail to consider the developing demands of the future workforce may face increased employee attrition due to the changes in the work environment following the pandemic outbreak.

A lot is being done, and there is still more that can be done to mitigate the effects of climate change.”

I am pleased to note that the technical advancements highlighted today to move toward a much-welcomed reduction in environmental effect. I applaud Telenor Pakistan’s efforts to decrease carbon footprint while allowing green technology as an energy alternative. We are dedicated to managing the repercussions of climate change,” she stated, adding that “our vision of Digital Pakistan is only complete with green and sustainable activities.

As the world of technology grows at the speed of light, there is a greater awareness amongst people to demand green solutions and for corporations globally to become more environmentally friendly,” Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan, said at the occasion. “Through efforts like Thunderbolt, which utilizes solar energy to power telecom towers, Telenor Pakistan is making progress toward embracing sustainable energy solutions.

We’re also creating opportunities for green learning for our workers, as well as transforming our work culture to better fit with the requirements and wants of the future workforce.” “Telenor Research has outlined the significant worldwide trends that will be predominant in the next years, and it serves as a solid baseline for local firms to create sustainable practices,” he said.

Telenor Research has evaluated and anticipated the significant trends for the next year for the eighth year in a row. For a more in-depth look at the five tech trends for 2022, click here.