The Top 5 Plays from Game 5 Between the Celtics and Bucks

The Top 5 Plays from Game 5 Between the Celtics and Bucks

Here are the best five plays from Game 5 between the Celtics and Bucks, from Marcus Smart, fooling off George Hill to Jaylen Brown’s alley-oop to Jayson Tatum, Brown showing off his range as he beats the shot clock, and a pair of rim-rattling slams from Tatum and Al Horford.

Marcus Smart Fakes Out George Hill

Pat Connaughton recovers a Bobby Portis airball but is dragged down by Jayson Tatum from behind. Marcus Smart steals the ball from Tatum on the subsequent fast break, fakes a pass back to him, George Hill steals the cheese, and Smart scores an uncontested layup.

Jaylen Brown Throws the Lob, Jayson Tatum Takes Care of the Rest

At the left-wing, Giannis Antetokounmpo approaches to screen for Jrue Holiday. Smart is already pressing Holiday, and he does a fantastic job of staying in front of him, maintaining his square, keeping his arms extended, and moving his head from Holiday’s left to his right, causing him to reject the pick.

Holiday attempts to weave his way around Al Horford and Smart, but he drops the ball. Smart grabs it and tosses it diagonally ahead to Jaylen Brown, who lobs an alley-oop to Jayson Tatum, sending the TD Garden crowd into a frenzy.

Jaylen Brown Beats the Shot Clock with a Three from Deep

Brown wins the tip against Pat Connaughton, and Grant Williams recovers the ball with 10 seconds remaining on the shot clock. He swiftly gets it to Brown, who was on fire in the third quarter, scoring 13 points.

On both sides, Williams and Derrick White established screens for Brown. He employs the latter, causing the shorter Hill to be shifted upon him. Brown then dribbles a couple of times between his knees, steps back, and swishes a three from 28 feet.

Jayson Tatum Delivers Thunderous One-Handed Jam

The Celtics are spreading the floor, with Tatum taking advantage of a mismatch against Connaughton; the only player on Boston who is inside the arc is Horford, who is hanging out in the dunker area.

Tatum breezes past Connaughton. With Grayson Allen as the closest defender in position to guard the rim, the Bucks can only pray that this doesn’t finish with Tatum laying down a thunderous jam, which is precisely what occurs.

Al Horford Swoops in for Put-Back Dunk

Brown shakes off Bobby Portis, but his step-back jumper from 19 feet out falls short. Fortunately for him and the Celtics, the Bucks do not box out Horford, who swoops in for a rim-rattling two-handed slam.