They told me to cover my huge boobs or they’d kick me off my flight, but I refused – it’s just plain embarrassing

A big-breasted influencer has accused flight attendants of threatening to kick her off the plane if she refuses to “cover” her massive breasts.

The TikToker, who goes by the handle @badbish1078shared a clip of her provocatively sitting on an Alaska Airlines plane.


TikToker @badbish1078 ​​says she was told to ‘hood’ airline staff
Social media user says flight attendants threatened to kick her off plane


Social media user says flight attendants threatened to kick her off planeCredit: Getty

A note above the video reads: “Alaska Airlines just told me I had to ‘cover up’ if I wanted to get on the plane.”

In the clip, she is seen wearing a low-cut top and shorts.

The TikToker told her viewers that she said “no” to the demand – which has been branded “ridiculous” by her followers.

One wrote: “What the hell.”

Another said: “Who am I shaking hands with?”

A third commented: “You’re kidding.”

It comes after a Former Love Island Australia star says she was ’embarrassed’ on a flight to Bali.

She says she didn’t think twice about the jersey black crop top and khaki cargo pants she was wearing until she boarded the plane when she was told her outfit violated the airline’s dress code.

Describing how she had been ’embarrassed’, the social media star explained: ‘A male flight attendant just told me to cover up and my clothes were too revealing.

“I can’t wear it and it’s inappropriate to wear it on JetStar. I’ve NEVER heard of it.”

Meanwhile, a mother says she was left “embarrassed” after she was almost kicked off a flight in front of her seven-year-old son because of her low-cut leopard print.

Eve J Marie was on her way from Dallas to Tulsa on Southwest Airlines (SWA) when she says a flight attendant approached her and told her mom she was breaking her dress code.

In another similar incident, a model was left humiliated after being ordered to cover up on a flight because her crop top was “too small”.

Isabelle Eleanor, who said she felt “victimized” and “humiliated”, claimed she was asked to put on a member of staff’s jacket before taking a seat.

The Australian Instagram model was told her outfit of blue jeans and a black crop top was inappropriate for flying by a flight attendant and asked if she had a jumper she could wear.

The TikToker provocatively shared a clip while on a plane


The TikToker provocatively shared a clip while on a planeCredit: badbish1078 ​​/ Tiktok
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