This secret Apple Watch feature is genius — try it now

Cool Apple Watch feature turns Siri into a translator

This secret Apple Watch feature is genius: You may be aware of using the Apple Watch to interact via text messages or phone conversations. Still, the smartwatch’s communication capabilities don’t stop there – did you know that the Apple Watch can transform Siri into a personal translator?

Siri can help you whether you’re traveling to a distant country or attempting to learn a new language. The Apple Watch’s built-in voice assistant can rapidly tell you how to pronounce practically anything, thanks to real-time translation functionality for 11 different languages.

Just say “Siri, how do I say {word or phrase} in {language}” to use Siri’s real-time translation tool. For example, because I’m manifesting a trip to Italy, I asked Siri how to say “Where is the bus stop?” in Italian. I posted the results on TikTok, which you may have seen if you follow Tom’s TikTok Guide.

Siri will display the textual translation, but it will also speak the translated word or phrase aloud. You could utilize it to instruct a cab driver or practice your enunciations.

This secret Apple Watch feature is genius

This secret Apple Watch feature is genius — try it now
This secret Apple Watch feature is genius

If you haven’t already, this is one of the best Apple Watch functions to try. The following are the 11 languages Siri can translate:

  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • German
  • Russian
  • Japanese

Siri’s translation capability is also available on the iPhone. Still, there’s something more subtle and James Bond-like about learning to utter a word in a different language from your wrist.

Now, I should mention that Google Assistant has this feature, which means that any of the top Android phones or Google Home speakers can be used as a real-time translation. You don’t have to ask Google Assistant, “how do you say…” before each word, which allows for more natural dialogue.

So, if you want to improve your Apple Watch’s translating abilities, you should download iTranslate Converse (free). iTranslate’s tools better mirror what Google Assistant can accomplish, making it one of the greatest Apple Watch apps we’ve tested. The program can analyze a two-way chat and send you a transcript, which is useful when looking for directions or recommendations when traveling. In addition, iTranslate supports 38 distinct languages.

However, Siri’s version will suffice if you need a quick translation. And that’s not the only thing Siri on your Apple Watch can do. Do you understand how to use Shazam on the Apple Watch? Check out our tips on setting up your Apple Watch and the most crucial Apple Watch settings to enable or disable as well.

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