Today’s Al Roker applauds when the producer interrupts the segment to call out his behavior live on air

AL Roker took one look at a Today show producer and refused to take her direction.

The beloved meteorologist, on the other hand, had a modest answer.


Al Roker called a producer who gave him instructionsCredit: Unknown, clean with image board
The Today show hosts enjoyed some snack samples


The Today show hosts enjoyed some snack samplesCredit: Unknown, clean with image board

On Friday’s show, Al and special hosts Jill Martin and Jacob Soboroff dish up some tasty treats.

Self magazine has just released the 2023 Pantry Award winners.

The nutritionist and editors tested more than 400 items in various snack categories, including protein bars, pretzel chips, and more.

On Friday morning, Self Editor Rachel Miller stopped by to share the results. And some samples.

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The three hosts chewed and smacked their lips, eventually drawing down the wrath of the NBC producers.

Jacob shared, “Ali Markovich, our producer just said ‘TV is biting you guys, stop eating so much.’

This infuriated Al.

“Pity! hello applause “You’re not down here Ali! We’re eating!”

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But viewers seemed to agree with the NBC boss, tweeting on the show: “(Jacob) is as bad as Craig (Melvin)…eating like he hasn’t eaten in days. So disgusting.

“These food departments need to go.”


Al seemed to be feeling a bit tested all week.

On a previous show, the host called out a guest and made fun of a mistake his producer made on stage.

As Al, Jacob and this time Sheinelle Jones finished a segment on the Letters From Sing Sing podcast, producer Dan Slepian thought it was time for an early exit.

Thinking the hosts were done, the NBC News producer left the stage, rather than wait until they officially went to commercial.

Al was the first to notice and exclaimed, “Dan’s taking a walk!”

He continued to taunt the disappointed producer as Dan hurried back to his seat.

The beloved weatherman called after him: “Hey Dan! Have you ever done any TV?”

Dan, visibly flustered, yelled, “I’m the producer! I didn’t know we were done! Sorry!”


This caused an uproar on set as Sheinelle couldn’t stop laughing and Jacob hugged Dan in support.

Al then began miming walking offstage as he joked “Yeah, let’s all go!”

Dan, looking worried, repeated himself as Al went on a rampage.

“I thought we were done!”

Al finished the segment as he joked “Keep walking, everyone! Here we go!”

The show then went to a commercial, with Sheinelle laughing the entire time.

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He exclaimed: “That was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen!”

The hosts finally went to commercial after a beat to compose themselves.

The fans found the hosts chewing hard to swallow


The fans found the hosts chewing hard to swallowCredit: Unknown, clean with image board
Al left earlier in the week too


Al left earlier in the week too
He even led his own exodus into the air


He even led his own exodus into the air