Told I Couldn’t Get Pregnant – Then I Had a ‘Super Baby’

Luciana Brandt, 41, said she never expected to get pregnant again after giving birth to five children over two decades.

Doctors reportedly told her she had started menopause early – and no longer had enough eggs to conceive a baby.

And yet, Brandt gave birth to a 11.1 kg daughter on Tuesday, JamPress mentionted.

“I’m so happy for her arrival, but I never imagined she would weigh more than five kilos!” the Brazilian mother of six admired the local media.

‘Super Baby’ Maria Vitória Brandt, born at 40 weeks, reportedly measured 20 inches after arriving by C-section.

Luciana’s eldest daughter, Ângela Brandt, 23, left, was at her mother’s side as she welcomed baby Maria into the world.

The new mom was discharged Thursday from Hospital Maicé, in the municipality of Caçador, in the state of Santa Catarina, according to Jam Press.

The hospital said babies born there usually weigh between 6 and 8kg, so Maria’s size and weight are considered quite unusual.

The facility shared images of the newborn along with an emotional message for her family.

“Hospital Maicé wishes little Maria Vitória and her family good health and happiness and may they receive many blessings,” said a hospital spokesperson.

Luciana’s eldest daughter Angela Brandt, 23, traveled a long distance to be by her mother’s side and help the world welcome baby Maria. Dr. Juscelino Euler Oliveira performed the delivery under the supervision of pediatrician Dr. Noted by Priscilla Ramos, Jam Press.

“Knowing I had little chance of getting pregnant again, I kept my faith and God wanted it too,” Luciana revealed.

Newborn Maria wearing a yellow blouse
‘Super Baby’ Maria Vitória Brandt, born at 40 weeks, reportedly measured 20 inches after arriving by C-section.
Newborn Mary shirtless
Maria weighed 11.1 kg, which is much more than the typical baby born at Hospital Maicé.

Maria wore a pink patterned outfit and an ice cream with a yellow bidet in photos taken after her birth. A mom recently noted on TikTok that she too didn’t expect her daughter to be born so big and that the clothes she packed for the hospital were too small.

“My piece goes straight to size 2 and 0-3 month clothes…,” she wrote in her viral video, which was accompanied by a laughing emoji.