Top 5 Resources for Distance Learning

Top 5 Resources for Distance Learning

Learning that does not need students to be physically present in the classroom is known as distance learning. Many schools have been shut down in light of the current epidemic, yet education must continue.

Essential Online Learning Tools

Teachers and students may utilize distance learning tools to complete their education. A variety of materials may be used to support distant education. These are a few examples:

EdEx is an Adobe product.

Students and educators alike may benefit from Adobe education exchange’s free and more sophisticated online learning environment.

Teachers and students alike may access a wealth of free resources and educational opportunities thanks to the platform’s abundance of readily accessible content.

In partnership with Khan Academy, Adobe Education Exchange also combines other Adobe tools such as Photoshop and Flash to promote students’ creative thinking. Adobe education exchange provides lessons and workshops for students of various skill levels.

College and university faculty-targeted activities, classes, projects, and courses. Adobe education exchange provides K-12 lessons, activities, and projects for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Google Classroom

Anyone with a Google account may take advantage of a free online course provided by Google. Google Classroom offers instructors and students a time-efficient and dependable learning environment that can be used in and out of the classroom.

Tutors may set up a virtual classroom, assign work, and interact with their students directly via the platform with just a few clicks. Students need a standard code to join a class, and with a single click, they may all be on the same page.

The assignment page in Google Classroom allows students to keep track of all of their assignments in one place. Google Drive stores all Google Classroom content, including images and videos, for easy access.


When lecturers film their lectures and subsequently share them with students, this video-based platform is similar to Zoom.

It is more suited to classroom activities that need a demonstration, and verbal communication, such as presentations and language practice, than Screencastify.

This platform is more convenient when students need to review an introductory lecture or assignment explanation. Open the video the instructor emailed them, and they’re ready to go.


To help students remember what they’ve learned, this platform allows them to create a digital portfolio of their work. Real-time activities that teachers may share with their students are made available.

The SeeSaw portfolio may be accessed by parents through this platform, allowing them to monitor their children’s progress.


BrainPOP is a crucial source for learning resources that provides a variety of instructional animated films interactive and enjoyable quizzes. Students learn specific skills with the help of these animated films.


During this continuing epidemic, these remote learning aids are very beneficial for increasing remote learning. In addition to making learning more enjoyable and easy for both instructors and students, they provide a unique and engaging learning experience for everyone involved.