Travis Scott makes his first public appearance since the Astro world tragedy

Travis Scott makes his first public appearance since the Astro world tragedy

Travis Scott made his first major public appearance since his Astroworld argument.

On Saturday, the Goosebumps rapper performed again at E11even’s Miami Grand Prix, and fans were ecstatic to see him perform in front of an audience.

For those unaware, ten people died and hundreds were injured at Scott’s event in November 2021 due to terrible group control.

The rapper received a lot of criticism for his mishandling of the situation, with many blaming him of ignoring those who were struggling in their lives while performing his music.

Scott later stated that he was unaware that the group required assistance, despite their requests for the craftsman to pause his presentation and address the situation.

According to Page Six, the rapper has apologised for his mistakes and, after receiving a few accusations, he sent off his Project Heal campaign “to make a truly vital move toward backing genuine arrangements that make all occasions the most secure settings they can conceivably be.”

Nonetheless, prior to his gig in Miami, Scott performed a few private shows when the internet was dumping the rapper.

The rapper performed in a private Bootsy Bellows Coachella 2022 all-nighter in April, after being kicked off the main event’s rundown at Coachella 2022.

He also demonstrated his movements in front of guests at a private party in Bel-Air, which included Leonardo Di Caprio and Serena Williams.

With respect to his most recent results, the rapper shone brightly as he hurled a stack of cash into the crowd while clutching a Don Julio 1942 tequila bottle and making his huge entrance.