Twitter sells MoPub for a billion dollars in order to fund the platform’s revenue-generating capabilities.

Twitter has agreed to buy MoPub, a company specializing in in-app advertising, for a little more than a billion dollars in cash. The proceeds from the sale to AppLovin Corporation, based in Silicon Valley, would help Twitter develop revenue-generating features and promote growth on the one-to-many broadcasting platform. “The sale of MoPub is all about increased focus, allocating our resources, and achieving quicker growth in many crucial areas,” said Bruce Falck, Twitter’s Revenue Product Lead.

AppLovin is a mobile technology firm that helps developers publish, improve, and profit from their apps. According to the firms, MoPub generated $188 million in revenue last year as part of Twitter.
Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, has prioritized rapidly bringing out new features to boost revenue and the number of time consumers spends on the network. Dorsey said in an official statement that MoPub’s sale “demonstrates confidence in our revenue product plan.

According to its CFO, Ned Segal, the microblogging site aims to double the overall annual revenue from $3.7 billion last year to $7.5 billion this year.
Last month, the site took another step toward achieving this financial aim by allowing high-profile users to receive tips in bitcoin, as the network continues to court the content creators who are crucial to attracting crowds online.

Because of these social media stars, platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have grown popular among young people. For internet businesses battling for an audience and advertising dollars, attracting and keeping creators and their audiences has become critical. We want Twitter to be the finest platform for creators to interact with their fans and monetize their following. Esther Crawford is the Product Lead.

Twitter has been testing a tipping option with bitcoin as a currency choice, which is now being rolled out globally to Apple device-specific versions of its app. The network is also developing a way to verify NFTs at the centre of a digital collecting craze. The site says it’s beefing up options for users to keep on-platform talks respectful or avoid getting sucked into unexpectedly heated online debates. Two possibilities are to improve tools for filtering out unpleasant remarks and providing individuals a “heads up” alert when they join a potentially contentious chat on the site.

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