Ufone Ramzan Offer 2022

Ufone Ramzan Offer 2022

Finally, the Ufone Ramzan offer 2022 is available! This is a hybrid bundle in which you will receive a large amount of internet data volume, minutes, and SMS for a very low fee.

Ufone dubbed their deal “Sehar Till Iftar,” and it is one of the company’s greatest thus far. During this holy month, Ufone members can phone their families and chat and video conference utilizing a free unlimited internet bundle.

Furthermore, every year when the holy month of Ramadan arrives, various companies begin selling their packages at a low cost so that each customer can profit from it.

Furthermore, as we all know, this month is all about spreading joy and love to one another. The organization also enjoys contributing to the satisfaction of its clients.

How to Activate Ufone Ramzan Offer

Customers who activate this Ufone Ramadan plan will receive 1000 U2U/PTCL minutes, 1000 MBs, and 1000 SMS for the following three hours. The cost of this package is Rs. 10/-.

To be sure, it can only be subscribed to between 1 am and 8 pm. This Ramzan, keep connected without fear! To activate your Ufone Sehri Iftar offer, dial *3000# from any 2G/3G phone and subscribe to the program.

Charges Rs.10/-
Internet Data Volume 1GB (1000 MBs)
Minutes: U-U and PTCL 1000
SMS 1000
Excluded Hours Offer not available b/w 8 pm – 1 am
How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe Dial *3000#
Validity 3 Hours

How to Subscribe

  • To Subscribe: *3000# 
  • 1000 Minutes only for Ufone and PTCL
  • Excluded Hours are 8 pm – 1 am

Conditions of Use

  • This is a limited-time Ufone Sehri package phased out on Ramzan 27th.
  • Only prepaid customers are eligible for this offer.
  • Onnet minutes can make phone calls to Ufone and PTCL numbers.
  • The maximum call time is 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • Every call will be charged an additional call setup fee of Rs. 0.13 + VAT.
  • Please click here for regional tax rates on call setup charges.
  • The price of the offer includes tax.
  • Between 8 pm and 1 am, the offer cannot be subscribed to.
  • Per subscription, a fair usage guideline of 1000 MB, 1000 minutes, and 1000 SMS is effective.
  • Onnet minutes can be used for call conferences as well
  • Any previously unused resources will be included in the new subscription if the offer is resubscribed before it expires.
  • When a customer’s resources expire or are depleted, they will be charged according to their usual tariff plan.
  • This offer excludes calls to voice buckets, shortcodes, and UAN numbers.
  • Dial 706# to find out how many minutes, SMS, and MBs you have left.