University of Michigan protesters call for ‘Intifada’, the death of Israel

Social media users were shocked and outraged by a recent anti-Israel demonstration organized by pro-Palestinian protesters at the University of Michigan this week.

Depicted are excerpts from protest marchers chanting “Intifada, Intifada! Long Live the Intifada,” a call for the violent overthrow of the Jewish state, inspired by the Palestinian riots and uprisings against Israel in the late 1980s, early 1990s and early 2000s.

“There is only one solution!” a female protester was seen shouting, as the crowd behind her responded: “Intifada! Revolution!

Protesters, seen walking around the Ann Arbor campus blaring bullhorns and waving Palestinian flags, were also heard shouting the infamous anti-Israel call to arms: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

Media reported that the anti-Semitic rally was held to protest Vice President Kamala Harris’ Thursday visit to campus, where she gave a speech on climate policy and student activism. The protesters appeared to be resisting the US government’s support for the state of Israel.

Another video showed protesters outside the campus building where Harris was giving her speech, saying, “No more nickel, no more dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes.”

The clarion call for Israel’s overthrow upset prominent Twitter users, who were surprised that such a sentiment was expressed so freely on a major American college campus.

Jewish Journal columnist Blake Flayton tweeted: “At the University of Michigan, a call to kill Jews.”

Rep. Jared Moskovitz, R-Fla., spoke of the shocking nature of the gathering, tweeting, “Hitler’s use of the word ‘solution’ is appropriate here. Israel has a right to exist. We will never compromise. The Jewish people have a right to exist. We will make sure.”

Free Beacon reporter Joe Gabriel Simonson mocked the protesters, tweeting: “Loser activists think this is an intifada.”

The Manhattan Institute’s Ilya Shapiro made a snide comment about the protest, stating, “It’s because @UMich only spends $18 million a year on DEI.”

Former Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, national security adviser Boris Ryvkin condemned the rally, writing: “Horrifying. The aftermath of what happened in Charlottesville, apart from violent anti-Semitism, is cut from a different cloth. I expect the major media to give it the saturated, wall-to-wall coverage that event got with WH leaders, Democrats and Squad members denouncing it.”

Mediaite reporter Isaac Schorr observed: “You’re not testing your ability to handle your own situation, guys.”

The popular conservative AG account tweeted: “I don’t think most people really realize the level of hatred and hostility towards Jewish students at many of the top liberal Universities because the school administrations tend to support/allow this stuff.”

Hollywood producer and The Spectator columnist Daniella Greenbaum Davis sympathizes with Jewish students at the University of Michigan. She tweeted: “The first and second intifadas saw terrorists brutally murdering innocent civilians. I can’t even imagine being a Jew on Michigan’s campus right now.”

Author Samuel Rosenfeld tweeted, “Disgusting… @UMich.”