Viral Di TikTok Para Seleb Berlomba Bikin Konten Dengan Kata Ayang

TikTok’s Viral Seleb Berlomba Menghasilkan Konten Dengan Kata Ayang, “Ayang” is becoming increasingly popular on social media. In this case, the person being described is a panggilan. Traditional languages, such as DOI or from a specific person, can also be used. However, the term “Ayang” has become more common. Also, celebrities can create content with this phrase.
One person has the TikTok account shown below. It will be completed on January 30, 2022.
When I was driving, there was a small motor causing my car to stall, and I was worried that I would crash… Currently, they are not together. There are comments on the video that is as follows. “I hope you do not experience what I am experiencing.”
In the same video, one person used the word “Ayang.” This section contains the following elements. “Saya ditabrak sepeda motor, dada dan perut saya sakit sekali, saya pikir saya terluka…” Currently, I am not being pursued by A Duong.”

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