Viral travel tip involves locking a shoe in a hotel safe

Placing a shoe in a hotel safe could serve as a helpful reminder to remove your valuables before checking out.

Many travel content creators have been sharing the tip on various social media platforms over the past year, and the videos have garnered millions of views.

Hope Smith, esthetician and CEO of skincare company MUTHA, is one of TikTok’s latest advocates for shoe-in-safe.

The beautiful entrepreneur, who hails from Palm Beach, Florida, shared the journey of life with her followers on Saturday (February 11).

“If you’re wondering why I always lock a shoe in the safe now, you can ask Lauren, my assistant, who once had to fly all the way to Italy to unlock the safe because of what I’d left inside,” Smith said. she said in her 28-second video.

“Put your shoe in the safe right behind your jewelry so that when it’s time to pack up and leave your hotel, you’ll never leave your valuables behind because you’ll always be looking for that second shoe,” she continued.

Asian businesswoman in black suit sitting with tablet computer in hotel room
Content creators tell people to put a shoe in a hotel safe with their valuables so they don’t forget them.
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Fox News Digital has reached out to Smith for comment.

Several other content creators have echoed similar sentiments about the shoe-in-safe reminder.

Social media users have been divided over the suggestion, with some writing that they found it useful, while others felt differently.

“Because it’s really so genius,” wrote one TikTok commenter.

Don't forget the note
Other followers and creators responded that they check every room drawer, storage container, closet, and bed before they leave.
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“I would end up leaving my valuables + my shoe,” another TikTok user admitted.

“I should put something more obvious like my keys or my Airpods,” pointed out one TikTok user.

Other commenters on TikTok have offered alternative suggestions to ensure valuables aren’t forgotten in a hotel safe, including removing sticky notes in the room and setting reminders on mobile devices.

Some travelers wrote that they advise checking every hotel room drawer, storage container, closet and bed before leaving.

The creator of the shoe-in-safe reminder is currently unknown.