Watch: A Orangutan Attack on Man Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit

A Orangutan Attack on Man Video Goes Viral On Twitter

On Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube, a video of a man getting too close to an orangutan is going viral.

On Monday, a would-be social media celebrity learned a valuable lesson: never mess with a furious ape. According to Newsflare, Hasanal Arifin jumped an enclosure fence at Indonesia’s Kasang Kulim Zoo. According to reports, the 19-year-old taunted the resident orangutan, who then grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him into the cage, as shown in a horrifying video that has received over 16.5 million views on Twitter alone.

A Man Gets Too Close To An Orangutan Video Has Gone Viral

“The visitor intended to capture a video and generate material without authorization,” one angry zookeeper told the magazine, using only his first name, Ides. “He came too near to the edge of the safety zone. This is incredibly risky and against the regulations. We’ve already provided the guy with a warning. Please follow the guidelines to the letter.”

Arifin tries to take his arm away from the ape, but the ape grabs his shirt and draws him closer. According to footage from the event, which seems to have initially been shared on Reddit but rapidly went viral, Arifin wrenches his arm away from the monkey, who clutches his shirt and pulls him closer. According to the World Wildlife Fund, an orangutan’s arms may grow to reach 7 feet long.) The orangutan ultimately grabs the teen’s legs and almost knocks him out.

“This was disgusting, inexcusable behavior,” Ides said. “It also endangered his and others’ lives.” I’ve cautioned the workers not to repeat the mistake.”

The joker likely climbed the fence during zoo staffers’ lunch break, according to zoo employees.

A witness notified employees and managed to quiet the beast until they came, rescuing Arifin unharmed.

The official immediately expelled and scolded the clown from the zoo.

According to India Times, despite being five to seven times stronger than humans, orangutans are typically non-aggressive toward people.

“Look up folks who have been ape-assaulted on the internet. They can rend you to pieces. And they start with your face and hands,” one self-proclaimed monkey expert on Reddit said. Meanwhile, one savvy Twitter user claimed to have detected the precise moment in the video when the troubled teen’s savior passes gas, adding, “I can’t unhear that.”

“In the larger scheme of things, he’d have been OK.” The orangutan is one of the most peaceful primates on the planet. “An orangutan has never caused a human fatality,” another social media user commented.