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Charulata Web Series Review

Today, we’re going to talk about the new Kooku ott web series Charulata. Again, the wait is over after 2 weeks, and today we’re talking about the new web series on the Kooku ott platform. On May 18, the web series will be available.

Your money will be well spent on the new content, which will be very good. You can get the web series Charulata from the kooku website or app. You can now download it in HD. Today, we’ll tell you how to download, if anything will be cast, and when the game will come out.

Charulata Web Series Cast

This web series will have a different plot than the others. The name of the Indian web series Charulata has not been easy to find out. In the web series, you can watch a good story that you look forward to every year.

Azad Bharti dates this web series, and the main character looks a lot like Neha Kapoor. Suresh ji, Rahul Manan, Pankaj Anand, you’ll see the main character in this web series, and based on the sources, you’ll find out who he is.

Enaction has done its best work on this site, and it will be a lot of fun to look at. The rest you won’t know until you watch this web series. If you haven’t seen its trailer yet, you can go to this trailer and watch it. What did you think after you watched it? Leave a comment below and let us know.


  • Azaad Bharti


  • Neha Kapoor, Sreyashi, Rahul Manan, Pankaj Anand, Wahid


  • Drama, Fantasy, Romance


Jab Rishto me na Rahe Sacchai , Tab Na rhi woh joh thi – na rha woh Joh tha…Har Pal Badalte Rishto ke kadi se judi Kahani he yeh “Charulata” ki.

Release date

  • May 18 2022

OTT Platform

  • KOOKU App

Story of the Web Series Charulata: 

When there is no truth in a relationship, it is not what was there, and the path that was there is not what was there. The story of this “Charulata” is about how the relationship between two people changes.

Charulata Web Series Release date

The new web series by Charulata is about how relationships change all the time. This is Charulata’s first season, and you can see a promo for it on the Kooku ott platform. If we talk about acting, then everyone has done a good job.

First, the web series will be put on the app, and then you can watch it on the online platform. can. You have to wait between 1 and 2 weeks if you want to watch Charulata for free.

Charulata Web Series Watch Online

After that, you can use MX player to watch. But there are some websites that can make it easy for you to download. You can tell us in the comment box if the web series is going to be a hit, a superhit, or a flop.