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Patra Petika Part 2 is on the Ullu App today. Patra Petika Part 1 of the web series has been available to watch since last week, when it began. First of all, people are enjoying the first part of the web series. Dhananjay Sharma, Rinku Ghosh, Rinku Ghosh, and Sonia Singh are in the lead roles in Patra Petika Part 2. Jasbir Bhati, a well-known director, is in charge of the web show.

Patra Petika Part 2 web series watch online all episodes streaming now on Ullu App. It also has two more episodes, the first three of which are in the first part. The total length of the web show is about 42 minutes. It is a web series in Hindi that is about sex. Patra Petika is only for people who are at least 18 years old. Recently, Ullu App has released Lappad, Kavita Bhabhi, Maa Devrani Beti Jethani, and Mini Bomb. There is also a new web series called King’s Man that is coming soon.

Patra Petika Part 2 is a story on the web.

Lata was a simple girl who lived in a small town. She didn’t have many friends. When Sharad, the local postman, gets to know her, he starts writing letters in her husband Sudhir’s name in order to get close. This is what he did, too. Lata thinks the letters are from Sudhir, but they aren’t. This strange relationship with the letters takes her life to a place she never thought she would be able to reach.

Patra Petika There will be a second web series that will pick up where the first one left off. He brings a drawing to Lata’s house so that he can say sorry. They were getting water from the well when the women in their village came over and stopped them. MEHER BEE: You can try to save the Kotha by giving us 20 lakh rupees.

Patra Petika Part 2 is going to be on the web from April 1, 2022. Prajkat Dusane, Rinku Ghosh, Shweta Ghosh, and Sonia Singh are some of the people we see in this web show. Rinku Ghosh is a well-known actress in Bhojpuri films. Prajakta Dusane was last seen in Gaachi, which was also on Ullu App. This web series is also available in other languages, such as English, Tamil, and Telugu, so you can watch it.

Patra Petika Web Series Cast

  • Prajakta Dusane as Lata
  • Dhananjay Sharma as Sharad
  • Vishal Mohan as Sudhir
  • Nandu Devgan as Welcome
  • Rinku Ghosh as Meher Bee
  • Shweta Ghosh as Romila
  • Padam Singh as Durga Prasad
  • Sonia Singh as Bindiya
  • Aditi Pathak as Rajjo
  • Jyoti Tiwari as Puniya
  • Hemchandra Yadav as Lala
  • Suraj Soni as Gattu

Patra Petika Part 2 Web Series Details

  • Title – Patra Petika Part 2
  • Cast – Prajakta Dusane, Dhananjay Sharma, Vishal Mohan, Nandu Devgan, Rinku Ghosh, Shweta
  • Ghosh, Padam Singh
  • Genre – 18+, Erotic, Drama
  • Type – web series
  • Director – Jasbir Bhati
  • Release Date – 1 April 2022
  • Duration – 42 minutes
  • OTT Platform – Ullu App
  • Language – Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu
  • Country – India


Q. Patra Petika Web Series Cast & Actress?

Ans. Prajakta Dusane, Dhananjay Sharma, Vishal Mohan, Rinku Ghosh

Q. How to Watch Online Patra Petika Web Series on Ullu App?

Ans. Download Ullu App from Playstore. Take a subscription of the Ullu App and enjoy the web series.

Q. Patra Petika 2 Web Series Release Date?

Ans. 1 April 2022