Wedding of a Lifetime Filming Locations, Hallmark Movie Cast, Synopsis

Wedding of a Lifetime Filming Locations, Hallmark Movie Cast, Synopsis

The next Hallmark family comedy film, Wedding of a Lifetime, is directed by Anne Wheeler from a screenplay by Greg Baldwin.

Darby and Jake, a recently split couple who pretend to be in love in a nationally televised contest to win the prize, are played by Brooke D’Orsay and Jonathan Bennett.

The film is produced by Jamie Goehring, Shawn Williamson, and Kevin Leslie for the Hallmark Channel and Lighthouse Pictures, but where did the filming take place? Let us investigate.

Where was Wedding of a Lifetime filmed?

During the summer of 2022, Wedding of a Lifetime was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. According to a local Vancouver news source, the movie will begin filming in early July 2022, with season 10 of When Calls The Heart.

Because of its ideal working environment and good tax incentives for filmmakers, Vancouver, sometimes known as Hollywood North, is a favoured shooting destination for Hallmark directors.

The production team established the temporary structure, and the same area has since been used for shooting other Hallmark films such as Crossfire Trail, Game Set Love, The Journey Ahead, Dying for a Christmas, and others.

The team has no problem designing the set correctly. Furthermore, the production firm is from Burnaby, BC, and the director, Anne Wheeler, is a BC veteran.

Bennett released some behind-the-scenes photos and a comical video of himself dressed as a coupe with Darby. The actor expressed his gratitude to Hallmark and described it as a distinct premise compared to others. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.


Wedding of A Lifetime is a family romance that follows a cute story of a recently separated couple rekindling their romance after inadvertently entering into a TV contest where the whole of America is watching their wedding.

A good storyline with good acting from the actors. After a long time, seeing Bennett in a central part with another gorgeous and lovely actress Brooke is refreshing. Their chemistry is fantastic and complementary.

Even if the plot appears nonsensical in sections, these points can be related at the end.