What you need to know about HGTV’s Down Home Fab co-host Cole DeBoer

COLE DeBoer first graced our TV screens on MTV’s Teen Mom 2 when he started dating Chelsea Houska in 2014.

Fast forward to 2023: the couple is married, busy with four kids, and has their own HGTV show, Down Home Fab.


Chelsa Houska DeBoer and her husband Cole DeBoer have a new HGTV showCredit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska

Who is Cole DeBoer?

Cole DeBoer is the husband of Chelsea Houska DeBoer and the biological father of three of their four children.

The pair met at a gas station but were both too shy to talk to each other or introduce themselves.

Instead, a few days later, Chelsea was thrilled to receive a message from Cole on Instagram.

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The two have been together since 2014 and married since 2016.

Inside Teen Mom Starring Chelsea and Cole's Business Empire in HGTV Show Debut
Meet the stars of HGTV's Down Home Fab

What got Chelsea and Cole into renovations and design?

After their house was broken into, the couple decided to rebuild a house for their family where they could feel safe.

The result was a farmhouse in South Dakota, where the couple is from.

Cole has been involved in construction for a while now, doing most of the design and construction, while Chelsea did most of the design work.

Together, they realized they made a good team and could make a living doing renovations as a small business.

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They documented most of their home DIY jobs on Cole’s YouTube, Doin’ It With Coleand on the couple’s Instagram, Down Home DeBoers.

That, combined with the couple’s contacts and history in the reality business, made it easy for them to agree with HGTV for their new show Down Home Fab.

Cole DeBoer on his YouTube channel where he documents his DIYs


Cole DeBoer on his YouTube channel where he documents his DIYsCredit: Do it by Cole/YouTube

How can I watch Down Home Fab?

Monday nights, you can catch Cole and Chelsea on Down Home Fab on HGTV at 9 p.m.

You can see it on Discovery+ the next day.

HGTV is available through YouTube TV, Sling and FubuTV.

The first episode aired on January 16, 2023, with the second coming out on January 23, 2023.